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We promise to listen to your story – and help you write the next chapter. The one where you discover a new life without alcohol and drugs, find the support of a group of peers and professionals who care deeply about your success, and remember the strength we see in you was there all along. You just needed a reminder.

Our Leadership Team

LARA CLAYTON, MPA, LMFTExecutive Director/Clinical Director

Lara Clayton has been a part of the Bay Area non-profit sector for over 15 years, working with children, families, adults, and seniors in both outpatient and residential settings. Lara has a background in supporting people with mental health and co-occurring disorders, and extensive experience and training in trauma-informed services, attachment therapy, CBT, group work, grief and loss, and depth psychology. She is dedicated to utilizing a social rehabilitation philosophy to cultivate empowerment, personal safety, and healing in a community setting. Before joining Beacon House, Lara served as Program Director of Permanent Supported and Transitional Housing programs, as well as the Short-term Crisis Residential programs at Interim, Inc. She has experience working with diverse populations, including survivors of domestic violence, couples, families, and trauma survivors.

Lara is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). She received a bachelor’s degree (BA) in Collaborative Humans Services at California State University – Monterey Bay, an executive master’s degree (EMPA) in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology (MA) from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

LEE GOLDMAN, MDMedical Director/ Addictionologist

Dr. Lee Goldman has worked with Beacon House since 2012. He has over 30 years of experience in family practice, addiction treatment, and emergency medicine. He’s board-certified in both family-practice and addiction medicine, and has been actively involved in the local treatment and recovery community since 1980, when he accepted the position of Medical Director for the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) Recovery Center. At CHOMP, Dr. Goldman developed and implemented an alcohol withdrawal scale tool that’s still in use there as well as at many other facilities. In addition to his work at Beacon House, Dr. Goldman continues to work for the CHOMP ER Department, where he received the Physician of the Year award in 2009.

Dr. Goldman completed his medical training at University of Southern California. He moved to the Monterey Peninsula after finishing his residency in Pennsylvania in 1978. In his free time, Dr. Goldman enjoys bike riding along the beautiful coastal trails, spending time with family and grandchildren, gardening, and ballroom dancing.

CYNTHIA B. HUNT, MDConsulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Hunt is a graduate of the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Her professional experience includes board certification and practice in internal medicine, pediatrics, and psychiatry. She maintains an active practice at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), where she’s the Chief of the Department of Psychiatry and works closely with our medical director, Dr. Goldman. She also serves as a Board Member of the Catholic Medical Association, where she’s a Regional Director for Region XI (West Coast). During the opioid epidemic, Dr. Hunt has been an outspoken advocate for addiction treatment services and serves as chair of the national California Medical Association (CMA) Opioid Task Force. She meets regularly with the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC regarding shared goals in the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders. Dr. Hunt represented North America at an international meeting on treatment and recovery at the Vatican, and in May 2019, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the CMA for her work on the opioid crisis.

Dr. Hunt regularly accepts invitations to speak for national and local organizations on addiction treatment and recovery, with a recent focus on the opioid crisis. She’s an adjunct faculty member of St. Patrick’s Archdiocesan Seminary in Menlo Park, CA, an accomplished pianist, and Lay Carmelite. Dr. Hunt has been married for 27 years and has three children.

JESSICA BARBEEDirector of Admissions and Business Development

Jessica has worked in the field of behavioral health and addiction treatment for 20 years, in both primary mental health and in dual diagnosis settings. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill to our Admissions and Business Development team. She began her career fielding admissions calls, which developed her skill and knowledge of treatment resources available to clients, and expanded her expertise in accessing treatment for patients at all levels of care. Jessica has extensive experience in facility-based admissions departments and centralized high-volume call centers. At CRC Health Group and Elements Behavioral Health, her roles included training manager, Team Lead, Senior Admissions Representative, and Business Development Director. This experience enabled Jessica to build partnerships with the Bay Area treatment community and healthcare providers. Her position in the community makes Jessica a go-to resource for those in need of treatment.

Jessica has lived in San Jose for 30 years. Her ties to the recovery community run deep in Silicon Valley. Her knowledge of treatment and recovery comes from personal experience and the understanding that most families are impacted by addiction and/or mental health issues. When you’re ready to get help, she’ll walk you through the process of entering and understanding treatment.

LAUREN HAVENS, MPHDirector of Operations

Lauren Havens has over 12 years of experience working in the nonprofit health sector, most recently supporting multiple organizations in developing evaluation frameworks and utilizing a public health model for program development. Across all of her work, she has brought a passion for equity and strength-based approaches. She graduated with her master of public health (MPH) degree from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2018, where she received an Outstanding Achievement Award for her capstone project. Her graduate studies focused on creative approaches to program evaluation and community-based public health interventions. She also has a bachelor of science degree (BS) in psychology from University of California, San Diego.

Born and raised in Northern California, Lauren spent 4 years working in Southeast Alaska and has also spent significant time living and working in Latin America. Currently, she lives in Monterey with her husband, son, and two cats, where she enjoys spending time outdoors, especially backpacking.

DANA M. EVANS, LMFTRegional Director of Utilization Review

Dana Evans has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. She received her bachelor of arts (BA) in Clinical Psychology from The Claremont Colleges and master’s degree (MA) from Bethany University, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dana received additional postgraduate training at Alliant International University.

Dana has worked with a wide range of clients and families in hospital settings, residential care facilities, and social service agencies. She has extensive experience in the primary treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders, case management, individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and co-occurring disorders.

Dana has been an integral member of the Beacon House team for over a decade and has held many positions during her tenure. Her various roles have included Director of Assessment & Referral, Community Relations and Utilization Review, Regional Director of Clinical Outreach, and Case Manager. In addition, Dana managed the implementation of the electronic health record system at Beacon House. Her dedication to, belief in, and love for the Beacon House mission shines through every day. Dana is one hundred percent committed to helping our patients find lasting, lifelong recovery.

ALLEN BERGER, PHDConsulting Psychologist

Dr. Berger has worked with Beacon House since 2014. He’s an internationally recognized expert in the science of recovery and the clinical director of The Institute for Optimal Recovery and Emotional Sobriety and the California Institute of Gestalt Experiential Therapy. Dr. Berger is also a top-rated author on treatment and recovery topics. He wrote the Hazelden Center’s popular recovery mainstay 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery (2008), as well as 12 Smart Things to do When the Booze and Drugs are Gone (2010), 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends (2013), and 12 More Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery (2016). His first book, Love Secrets – Revealed (2006), was dedicated to Dr. Walter Kempler, his dear friend and mentor.

Dr. Berger is widely known for his work on several areas of recovery, including the integration of modern psychotherapy with the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, understanding the psychological forces operating in the 12 Steps, and Emotional Sobriety. He’s an expert at helping new patients understand the benefits of group therapy and how to get the most out of it. He also excels at helping families adjust to the challenges of recovery.

ED STORTI, CADC-IIAddiction Educator

Ed Storti is a pioneer in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. He began his pioneering with the concept of Motivational Intervention in 1973. He published the bestselling book, Crisis Intervention: Acting Against Addiction, in 1988, which chronicles his early work creating positive, transformative moments in the lives of individuals and families experiencing alcohol and substance use disorders. The Storti Model of Intervention personifies the motivational, inspirational, and spiritual method of working with a person in recovery. Ed devotes much of his time to educating people on the disease model of addiction and the intervention process.

His most recent book, Heart to Heart, received widespread recognition in the treatment and recovery community. The book outlines his concept of intervention and defines his expectations of the level of professionalism necessary for treatment and recovery center staff. Medical centers, treatment facilities, universities, and industry conference organizers regularly invite him to lecture and present his ideas on professional behavior for management and staff. Ed works with the Beacon House clinical and admissions teams to ensure the seamless transition of individuals into recovery.

NOAH SHUMPERTAddiction Educator

Noah Shumpert has over 50 years of experience as an addiction educator, consultant, and interventionist on the Monterey Peninsula. He is a skilled group facilitator, and approaches every day at Beacon House with a genuine passion for working with people in recovery and their families. Among his many distinctions, Noah was the 2013 recipient of the Daniel J. Murphy Award, which recognizes leaders in the drug and alcohol recovery community. Noah facilitates the family program at Beacon House and provides education to clients at both the residential and outpatient programs. He has worked with the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), Marin General Hospital, Fred Finch Youth Center, and as an Employee Assistance Program counselor. Noah has worked with the Beacon House team since 2010.


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