“I came to the Beacon House in September of 1998. I was at a crossroads, my life spiraling out of control, powerless and unmanageable. With a frustrated wife and two young children, I chose a recovery program at the Beacon House and rescued my life and my family. As an outpatient, I completed the 28-day program and have not looked back. The caring and professional staff at the Beacon House gave me a ‘toolbox’ to use to live a well-examined life. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for the gift of recovery. My gratitude is immense to the Beacon House for saving me and my family. Recovery for a lifetime starts at the Beacon House; you’ll never regret choosing to be there.”

– Ducky O., Alumni & Experiential Program Golf Instructor

“To witness the transformation is a privilege … It’s a natural high unlike any other. To be healthy on every level makes room for those moments of spiritual bliss – riding the perfect wave or observing a spiritual experience in someone else.”

– Darryl “Flea” Virostko, on working with Beacon House clients today, as an Alum and Surfing & Ocean Activities Instructor

“Drinking was destroying my life, killing my marriage, and killing me. Nine years ago, I reluctantly entered the Beacon House as a last hope. I had honestly tried to stop. The physical pains from wartime injuries and the emotional pains of lost friends gave me the excuse to keep drinking, more and harder.

When I entered the House, I did not know what to expect. What I found was a group of caring individuals giving unconditional love. They knew everyone was carrying a heavy load and had become addicted to some sort of numbing drug. They knew why. They listened. They taught. They were patient. They worked through traumas with numerous counselors who knew what they were talking about.

After 28 days, I learned I did not have the answers and needed to grow as a person. My cravings decreased to a point where I did not miss my drug of choice, but knew I had to keep attending meetings upon “graduation.

In short, the love and caring I felt at the House saved my life and my marriage. As a result, I spent the next 5 years as a biweekly speaker at the Beacon House and cannot thank them enough! I have nine years of sobriety and freedom!”

– Steve M., Alumni

“I love what I have become and I would not be that person if it wasn’t for the Beacon House. My life was being swallowed by alcohol and drugs and I needed to be shown that there was another way. Beacon House started me down the path of recovery and I will be forever grateful. I just celebrated 10 years of sobriety this past February. Beacon House helped me learn that there is so much more beauty out there when you are looking at it through sober eyes.”

– Richie F., Alumni

“Prior to recovery, my world had gotten all. It felt hopeless and Beacon House provided me with the tools to regain my confidence in life, and it still provides resources that I continue to use today.”

– Christina R., Alumni

“It was one of the most challenging and difficult experiences, admitting that I needed just as much help; that I needed just as much healing. Breaking down the barriers and accepting help was the first step towards having more compassion for my loved one and understanding the challenges that she was facing on a daily basis. It humbled me to see the amount of effort it took to get in front of people and admit your faults, without fear of judgment. Beacon House and recovery taught me that it was okay to be vulnerable and that, with discipline, everything was going to be okay.”

– Barrie R., Family Member of Beacon House Alum