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We partner with third-party accreditation organizations to ensure our treatment methods, staff, and procedures are the highest quality available. We welcome the rigor of review. We engage in a continuous process of self-reflection, reassessment, and self-improvement that keeps us at the leading edge of addiction treatment. We’re committed to best practices, and work every day to remain a shining example in addiction treatment.


State of California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS):

The Licensing and Certification Division (LCD) of the DHCS focuses on compliance with state and federal regulations for outpatient and residential treatment providers for drug and alcohol treatment. Licensing by DHCS guarantees that our staff, programs, and facilities meet and exceed state and federal standards for drug and alcohol treatment programs.

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP):

NAATP is the first and oldest accrediting organization for addiction treatment providers in the United States. NAATP provides leadership, advocacy, training, and member support services to ensure the availability and highest quality of addiction treatment. Certification by the NAATP means Beacon House meets and exceeds best industry practices in access, delivery, ethics, education, training, and policy related the treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF):

CARF is an independent, nonprofit organization focused on advancing the quality of rehabilitation services around the world. CARF provides accreditation services at the request of health and human service providers. CARF accreditation signals our commitment and conformance to internationally accepted standards. CARF accreditation means we continually improve services, encourage feedback, and offer our clients the highest quality of care available.

Legit Script:

LegitScript is the only certification service for drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers recognized by Google, Bing, and Facebook. Search engines and online platforms use LegitScript to ensure providers who advertise on their sites are who they say they are and offer the services they say they offer. A LegitScipt certification demonstrates Beacon House operates legally and safely, and that our advertising and marketing methods are ethical, transparent, and trustworthy,

Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP):

BHAP offers reliable information on compliance and best practices for addiction treatment providers. Addiction treatment providers use BHAP to ensure they operate in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our BHAP certification demonstrates our compliance with all current rules and regulations surrounding treatment, advertising, financial matters, insurance, and ethics.

Conscious Recovery (CR):

Beacon House is one of only eight (8) recovery centers in the world to hold certification from CR. Our CR certification demonstrates we follow the key principles of recovery as defined by CR. First, underneath all addictive behavior is a person that is whole and perfect. Second, recovery is more than treating symptoms – it’s about finding the root cause of addiction. Finally, if there is unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, or shame, these issues need to be resolved for true recovery to occur. Our CR certification ensures you – our clients – that we operate according to these principles every day.

Newsweek Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2020

America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2020 highlights the nation’s top facilities based on quality of service, reputation and accreditation relative to in state competition. Facilities in the 20 states with the highest number of addiction treatment centers, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), were included in the survey.