WHO WE ARE A New Way of Living

We welcome you with open arms.
We surround you with the support you need to change your life.
We commit to your success in recovery.

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At Beacon House, we offer evidence-based treatment and support for lifelong recovery. We help you create a new way of living, experiencing, and moving through the world. We provide the tools you need to look inside and decide who you want to be. This might mean returning to who you were before alcohol and drugs. It might mean discovering the real you for the first time in your life. Whatever it means for you, we help you find your purpose and teach you how to put that purpose into action.


Recovery is about change. You change the way you think. You change the way you act. You change the way you treat the people around you. You change the way you treat yourself. At Beacon House, you learn skills to make these changes last. You learn to make them work in the real world – but you don’t do it alone.


You tell us where you want to go. We show you how to get there. Our community of empathetic, compassionate counselors and therapists teach you that recovery is a process that starts with your decision to change and continues for a lifetime. We create a warm, loving, caring environment where you feel safe, secure, empowered, and ready to take those first steps toward a new beginning.

We help you start a journey – and define a path – that leads to the life you want to live and the person you want to be.


Beginnings are important. The habits you form in the initial stages of your recovery journey influence the shape of things to come. At Beacon House, we have over sixty years of experience creating new beginnings for people seeking a life in sobriety. We know what works – and it’s not one technique, one magic bullet, or one secret trick we keep hidden from the world.

What works is healing the whole person. What works is making a genuine, authentic human connection. What works is wrapping you in the love and support you need to recognize your own courage, strength, and capacity for growth and change. What works is you: we don’t promise an easy ride or automatic sobriety. The work of recovery might be the hardest work you do in your life.

But that’s okay – because we roll up our sleeves and do the work with you. What we can promise is that the work is worth the effort. We also promise total honesty, starting now: sometimes the work is messy, and you have to spend time digging in the dirt to get to the root of your issues. That’s okay, too, because we’re ready to spend time right there with you.

We’re ready to plant the seed – and watch you reconnect with that beautiful human being within, waiting to rejoin the world, sober, strong, and empowered to move forward to a new life in recovery.