Are you in need of professional help for addiction? If so, consider enrolling at a prescription drug addiction treatment center in Northern California. A center like Beacon House in Pacific Grove could arm you with the information and tools you need to make a full addiction recovery. Let us help put you on the path to a sober and rewarding future.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center Help

Regardless of how much you want to get clean, quitting prescription drugs won’t be easy. If you’ve already developed a full-blown addiction, your body depends on the effects of prescription medication to feel “normal”. When you initially stop using, you’re likely to go through a withdrawal period that will produce many unpleasant symptoms.

Prescription Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CA

Withdrawal from prescription drugs can be a grueling process. It can cause many symptoms of both physical and psychological nature. When your symptoms peak, you will be tempted to start using again in order to satisfy your cravings and ease the burden of withdrawal.

This is where a prescription drug addiction treatment center in Northern California can help. You don’t have to face withdrawal or any other part of the recovery process on your own. Experienced rehab specialists can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms and prepare you for subsequent treatment.

What is Rehab Like at Our Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

During your time at a prescription drug addiction treatment center in Northern California, you will undergo various forms of therapy. Depending on your needs, you may benefit from addiction therapy services like Detox, Counseling, Dual Diagnosis, and more. An individual treatment plan can be in place before any treatment begins. This plan will show you how to get clean, how to resist future urges and addiction triggers, and what to do if you relapse.

As mentioned above, detox is commonly recommended prior to treatment. Once detox is complete, you’ll be ready to enter rehab with a clear mind and renewed focus. From here, you can begin working towards getting sober and learning tools for managing long-term results.

If you suffer from a past trauma or need help adopting healthier coping skills, Addiction Counseling is recommended. At Beacon House in Pacific Grove CA, we offer various types of therapy at our prescription drug addiction treatment center. We also offer extensive individual counseling sessions with our on-site psychiatrists. Let us help you work through your personal problems and adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

If you’re also living with a co-occurring mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder, Dual Diagnosis can help. This kind of treatment works to address both the symptoms of addiction and mental health disorders, at the same time. Dual Diagnosis Therapy is the best and safest route for managing both conditions and preventing future relapse.

We Can Help You

If you’re ready to begin treatment at a quality prescription drug addiction treatment center in Northern California, choose Beacon House. Our rehab in Pacific Grove offers a long list of integrative treatment options that can help point you towards a total and lasting rehabilitation.

Specifically, we offer:

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Don’t wait to find reliable help for your prescription drug problem. Take advantage of the best opiate addiction treatment Northern California has to offer. Beacon House in Pacific Grove can help you transition into a life of real and lasting sobriety at our prescription drug addiction treatment center. To learn more about our addiction recovery programs and therapies, call us today at 831.372.4366.