Benzodiazepine drugs like Klonopin® (Clonazepam) can be a beneficial treatment for those suffering from seizures, anxiety or panic disorders. However, due to its relaxing and sedative effects, some people misuse this drug, which may lead to a Klonopin® addiction. Without treatment, an addiction to prescription Klonopin® can become incredibly dangerous.

Recovery starts with detoxification. However, this should only be attempted under the supervision of trained addiction professionals, such as those found at Beacon House. Based in northern California, we help individuals struggling with Klonopin® addiction to recover and rebuild their lives.

Learn more below about what it’s like to rehabilitate in our intimate and comfortable treatment facility near Monterey and Big Sur.

Klonopin® Addiction Treatment

If you struggle with an addiction to Klonopin®, know that professional help is available for this treatable medical condition. Seeking out holistic care, such as the treatment programs at Beacon House, gives you your best chance at achieving your goals and getting your life back.

Klonopin® addiction treatment aims to reduce or stop your Klonopin® use, improve your physical and mental well-being and develop a recovery plan for the future. In many cases, Klonopin® addiction has fewer symptoms as long as you have the right care.

At Beacon House, we understand that addiction changes the way your brain chemistry works. That’s why our Klonopin® addiction care has two main components:

  • Detoxification: A tapered withdrawal from Klonopin® done under the supervision of medical professionals is the safest way to detoxify from this drug. By slowly reducing the doses of Klonopin®, you will experience fewer withdrawal symptoms and feel more comfortable as you pursue your recovery from the drug. This type of detoxification also reduces your risk of relapse.
  • Behavioral support: Addiction treatment is more than just getting the drug out of your system. It’s also important to understand how your Klonopin® use impacted the choices you made and changed your behavior. Our behavioral support services at Beacon House help you gain insight so you can retrain your behavior and pursue recovery. These therapeutic sessions also allow you to explore your underlying thoughts and feelings that may have led to your Klonopin® addiction.

Risks and Side Effects Associated With Klonopin® Abuse

When patients begin to misuse their prescription Klonopin®, they put themselves at risk for a variety of health issues and adverse side effects, including:

  • Increased urination and saliva
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory problems
  • Thought disruption
  • Changes in sex drive and performance

While overdosing on Klonopin® isn’t usually lethal, it can lead to severe mental confusion, sleepiness or coma. Klonopin® can be deadly when combined with other substances such as opioids.

The Beacon House Klonopin® Treatment Program in Monterey CA

The professional and caring team at Beacon House is here to provide personalized treatment to individuals struggling with steroid addiction, including benzodiazepine drugs such as Klonopin®. During your time with us, you’ll be able to detoxify and recover in a healing environment surrounded by the beauty of northern California.

We fully utilize our location in our treatment programs by incorporating a variety of activities into your individualized care approach, such as hiking, golfing or surfing.

If you would like to learn more about addiction treatment for Klonopin®, whether for yourself or a loved one, give us a call at 831.372.4366 or contact us online.