One of the most difficult addictions from which to gain lasting recovery is benzo addiction. Benzodiazepines change how your brain works to the extent that quitting cold turkey becomes dangerous. For detox and to achieve a strong recovery, you need a quality benzo addiction treatment center in Northern California. At Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA, you get the help you need from one of Gateway Foundation’s quality rehab centers.

What is a Benzo Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California?Benzo Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CA

A benzo addiction treatment center in Northern California provides treatments, therapies and support services to people suffering from difficult benzo addiction. Recovery from these drugs proves difficult, if not impossible without the right care. Beacon House in Pacific Grove knows benzo addiction and provides specialized services you need for a real chance of recovery.

With benzodiazepine addiction often comes mental health problems. For some people, anxiety or other mental disorders led to their benzo addiction in the first place. So, when you seek help from substance abuse treatment programs Northern California offers, you need dual diagnosis treatment. This type of care provides treatment services and support for your addiction and mental health disorders at the same time.

Your benzodiazepine addiction treatment program also recognizes that detoxing from your drugs can cause life threatening effects. You risk overdose, seizures, suicide attempts and other problems related to the intense anxiety and health problems withdrawal from these potent drugs sometimes cause. But in a medical detox program, you gain the supervision and care you need to feel safe and comfortable. These caring professionals provide helpful medications to ease your withdrawal symptoms and help you prepare for rehab.

Rehab in a licensed benzo addiction treatment center immediately follows detox. In rehab, you gain a mix of therapies and other treatment methods to learn about your addiction and mental conditions like anxiety. In a residential setting, you feel safe and supported while successfully avoiding relapse. This environment also gives you the focus you need to learn and grow into strong recovery.

Support Plays a Major Role in Your Benzo Addiction Recovery

Besides feeling safe and supported in residential treatment, you gain support through other levels of care at Beacon House. Whether you need partial hospitalization treatment or intensive outpatient rehab as an alternative to residential care, you do not sacrifice important consultation and guidance by caring professionals.

Your benzodiazepine addiction treatment program takes place among peers in the same stages of treatment. These peers provide support for you, just as you do for them. This important social support aspect in early recovery helps you start rebuilding your life with positive influences around you. You also learn from your peers as you all work on positive life changes together.

Most people with addictions suffer damage to their family relationships. In your treatment program, counselors and therapists help you rebuild these relationships with better communication and understanding. Your family provides some of your greatest support in life, whether that family includes blood relatives or people who simply care about you. So to ensure your best support at home, family healing starts in treatment at Beacon House.

A Long Tradition as a Benzo Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California

Gateway Foundation has provided rehab treatment and related services to millions of Americans in the past 50 years. This treatment improves lives and helps people achieve the lasting recovery they seek. Through this long-standing tradition and modern treatment methods, you benefit from the quality detox and rehab experience of Gateway Foundation’s Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA. For example, the benzodiazepine addiction treatment program and services of Beacon House include:

Learn more about the benzo addiction treatment center in Pacific Grove at Beacon House. Call Gateway Foundation’s Beacon House now at 831.372.4366 for more information about treatment programs. You need this help to recovery from benzos.