Drug Addiction

If you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction, drug addiction rehabs like Beacon House can help. At Beacon House, we provide addiction treatment in a comfortable, home-like environment. Patients in the Monterey, California, area can start a new life with support from our experts.

Recognizing an Addiction

Drug addiction has a variety of signs that you can recognize in yourself or a loved one. These behaviors may indicate that a person needs help with a substance use disorder:

  • Feeling the need to use a drug regularly without a medical reason
  • Needing more of a drug over time to get the same effects
  • Spending excessive time and money on drug-related activities
  • Isolating from social obligations and recreational activities
  • Having the inability to stop using a drug
  • Experiencing physical effects such as drug withdrawal symptoms
  • Keeping a supply of a drug
  • Performing risky activities while under the influence of a drug
  • Continuing to use a drug even while knowing about its negative effects on the user

Our Treatments and Approach

At Beacon House, we take a person-centered approach to addiction treatment. We offer a wide range of addiction services that includes both traditional and novel methods.

Person-Centered, Holistic Care

We combine evidence-based strategies with individual attention to every client to provide world-class care. At Beacon House, we:

  • Support each individual through personalized care plans
  • Focus on the primary issues behind a person’s addiction
  • Approach addiction as a disease that requires treatment, not judgment
  • Integrate real-life experiences such as outdoor recreation into treatment
  • Involve local recovery communities during treatment
  • Address co-occurring mental health conditions that contribute to addiction
  • Engage family, friends and loved ones in the recovery process
  • Continue supporting clients after treatment completion

Therapy Models

To ensure that we can offer a fully personalized recovery experience, we provide many forms of therapy at Beacon House. Our therapy services include:

Innovative Recovery Programs

Some clients prefer to participate in recovery programs that integrate every aspect of the process. We offer recovery program models such as:

  • 12-step programs: 12-step programs have spiritual, personal and social elements that focus on the importance of accountability.
  • Conscious Recovery programs: The Conscious Recovery approach involves understanding the root causes of your addiction and addressing them.

Relapse Prevention

As someone progresses through treatment at Beacon House, they receive relapse prevention education. These services help clients learn coping skills that enable them to manage their triggers. Clients also learn what they can do if relapse happens and receive reinforcement that it is just an aspect of recovery, not a moral failure.

Post-Treatment Services

After a client completes treatment at Beacon House, they can take part in the following services:

  • Aftercare program: During aftercare, the client attends weekly meetings where they discuss their recovery experiences with others. These sessions happen over the course of a year.
  • Alumni Services: Beacon House alumni can participate in a wide range of services that includes clinical services and social events.

Detoxification and Stabilization

Our team can provide detoxification services as part of their comprehensive treatment at Beacon House. During detox, the client is able to remove drug toxins from their system and manage withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment. With their withdrawal symptoms better handled, they can start building recovery skills through therapy and support.

Find Out More About Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Potential clients and their family members can get in touch with us to learn more about our programs. Discover the care options we offer by contacting our staff online or calling us at 800-215-4733.