sober date night ideas

Date Night Ideas For Those In Recovery

If you’re new to recovery, then getting back in the dating scene can sound pretty daunting. Before commiting to your sobriety, your date nights probably included visits to bars, pubs or wineries or maybe just grabbing drinks at the end of a busy day. Sober dating is not dull — it’s just different. Fortunately, there…

Football Season in Rehab Recovery

Football Season in Recovery

When the leaves change color and the weather starts to cool, this signifies just one thing — football season is back. For many, drinking beer is synonymous with football. Whether they’re watching a game or tailgating, brews are a common part of the football tradition. If you’re in recovery, you may find it difficult to…

female addiction professional works with horse to answer what is equine therapy

What is Equine Therapy?

A form of therapy that may help you with your substance abuse is equine therapy. What is equine therapy? It is a form of animal-assisted therapy that allows you to interact with horses to help work through your psychological or emotional issue. In fact, equine therapy can act as an effective supplement to traditional psychotherapy.…

family participates in family therapy activities and share family therapy ideas

Family Therapy Activities

What are family therapy activities? They are a wide range of therapies that help an entire family — not just the individual — overcome addiction. Why are therapy activities important? Because addiction affects everyone — not just the addicted person. Addiction can create tension and problems within the family. Many of these problems become so…