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Rising From Ashes

A place that I love is literally going up in smoke. It is said to have been started by a campfire. Currently it has burned more than 53,000 acres. It has destroyed over 57 homes.  It has killed one man, injuring two others. The fire still burns.  It is 35% contained. I have hiked the…

Holistic activities

The Jeep Wave

I drive a Jeep.  It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Going everywhere is an adventure!  Even to the grocery store. Before I bought my Jeep I had no idea of the “Jeep Wave”.   Once I bought my Jeep I noticed that every Jeep I passed waved to me, so I waved…

Beacon House Blog


I recently got a speeding ticket….  50 in a 35.  I was guilty. In Nebraska they offer a class called STOP!.  It is a 4-hour class aimed at scaring the CRAP out of folks by showing disturbing videos of drunk drivers and many clips of individuals who have killed others while texting and driving –…

12 step program


Recently I had my 13th sobriety birthday.  THIRTEEN YEARS! I am beyond grateful. Thirteen years is also how long I was in my disease. That totals 26 years…. A Ninth Step Promise is: ”We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it”.  –Big Book pg. 83 There are times when…

Groundhog day temptations.

Groundhog Day vs. Insanity

Every day the same thing over and over again….  Isn’t that how we define insanity? I call it Groundhog  Day! Here is my Groundhog Day: Wake up. Kiss my husband and my puppy. Turn the heater up. Make COFFEE! Do dishes from the night before…. Feed puppy. Pack lunch for husband. Sit-ups! Watch husband eat…