female addiction professional works with horse to answer what is equine therapy

What is Equine Therapy?

A form of therapy that may help you with your substance abuse is equine therapy. What is equine therapy? It is a form of animal-assisted therapy that allows you to interact with horses to help work through your psychological or emotional issue. In fact, equine therapy can act as an effective supplement to traditional psychotherapy.…

family participates in family therapy activities and share family therapy ideas

Family Therapy Activities

What are family therapy activities? They are a wide range of therapies that help an entire family — not just the individual — overcome addiction. Why are therapy activities important? Because addiction affects everyone — not just the addicted person. Addiction can create tension and problems within the family. Many of these problems become so…

woman contemplates treatment and options for treating anxiety vs depression

What is Anxiety vs Depression?

Whether you are feeling anxiety or are deep in the grips of depression, professional treatment can help you through this challenging time in your life. You may not know which condition you are suffering from because, in some ways, anxiety vs depression can often mean the same thing depending on the symptoms. Regardless, understanding the…

Find the Best Rehab Centers in Monterey County CA

Rehab Centers in Monterey County CA

Drug and alcohol addiction is a life-threatening disease that requires professional attention. If you or a loved one is battling an addiction problem, there are rehab centers in Monterey County CA that can help. A combination of comprehensive rehab therapies can help you get clean and learn how to manage lifelong sobriety. You don’t have…

Learn how to avoid relapse from drugs and alcohol

How to Avoid Relapse

Getting clean is often one of the most profound struggles in a person’s life. Unfortunately, it’s not the last struggle you face in recovery. The combination of stress and availability can make drinking or using again very tempting. This makes the question of how to avoid relapse a core concern for anyone in recovery. Why…

Learn How to Have Fun in Recovery.

How to Have Fun in Recovery

Resistance to leading a boring life often discourages people struggling with addiction from getting sober. They do not think a sober life is an exciting life. Knowing how to have fun in recovery escapes them, so they continue to entertain themselves with drugs or alcohol. This is where recreational therapy and holistic therapy programs can…