Recovery, Resiliency, and COVID-19

The recovery process teaches life lessons that apply to everyone – not just people with drug and alcohol use disorders. In fact, some of the lessons people learn in recovery are helpful right now, during the coronavirus pandemic. They’re helpful because they’re practical, adaptable, and simple. That’s why people in recovery are showing remarkable resiliency during this…


Opioid Use and Misuse Among Athletes

Opioid addiction knows no bounds. It does not discriminate. Rich, poor, young, old – everyone is vulnerable. Women and men are vulnerable. People of any ethnic or cultural background are vulnerable. People you’d never expect to touch an illicit drug in their lives can go from perfectly managed prescription use to illicit drug abuse and…


Mocktail Drink Ideas

Whether you’re new to recovery or you’ve been sober for years, social occasions where everyone is drinking can be tricky waters to navigate. When everyone else is drinking adult beverages, it can feel very uncomfortable being the only non-drinker in the room. One great way to keep people from offering you alcohol is to have…

Why Are Opiates Addictive?

Why Are Opiates so Addictive?

Abuse, addiction and overdoses related to opiate drugs have become an epidemic in the United States. More and more people become addicted to opioids every day, even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues coordinated efforts to reduce the negative impact of this drug class. Anyone can become addicted to opioids, whether…