AETNA rehab insurance coverage works for your addiction recovery program at Gateway Foundation. In Pacific Grove, California, Gateway Foundation’s Beacon House accepts AETNA and provides a wide range of addiction therapy services. This means you can put your addiction behind you and join an active Addiction Recovery Community close to home.

What AETNA Rehab Insurance Coverage IncludesAETNA Rehab Insurance Coverage and AETNA Health Insurance Coverage for Addiction

When you use your AETNA rehab insurance coverage at Beacon House, your recovery starts with an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan first considers what level of care you need for a real chance of lasting sobriety. The level of care also aligns with your AETNA health insurance coverage, as Beacon House offers five programs to meet your needs.

Levels of care at Beacon House supported by your AETNA rehab insurance coverage include:

You may, like many other people in addiction, suffer a co-occurring mental condition like depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. All of Beacon House’s programs include individual, group and family therapy, as well as Dual Diagnosis Treatment. So you can rest easy with help from Beacon House, knowing your AETNA health insurance coverage meets these needs, too.

Learn About Coverage and Benefits

When you need rehab treatment, one of the best ways of learning about your applicable insurance policy coverage is through a phone call with your chosen rehab center. So all you need to do is to call Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA. In this conversation, you learn more about available programs and therapies provided at this Gateway Foundation location.

During your call, also remember to ask about available therapies and other methods designed for your best possible recovery. These methods include:

To verify your insurance and learn more about these therapies, simply provide the policy information found on your insurance card. Using this information, the helpful counselor at Beacon House talks to your AETNA rehab insurance provider and confirms what your policy covers. Moreover, this enables Beacon House to help you understand what your policy pays, what you must pay out-of-pocket and other options for affording your treatment.

Consider Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA

Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA provides you with potential for long-term recovery as one location of Gateway Foundation. Overall, Gateway Foundation has over 50 years’ background in treating addiction and co-occurring conditions. This experience has helped millions of Americans leave their substance abuse behind. In fact, you can gain this lasting recovery at Beacon House, too.

Whether you seek treatment under your AETNA rehab insurance coverage, have another type of health insurance policy or seek other ways to pay for your program, call Beacon House now. Be sure to locate your insurance card before the call, if you have one. In this simple conversation, you gain peace of mind and details about how your recovery can begin. Call Beacon House now at 866-416-3873.