At Beacon House, we know that lasting recovery from addiction requires a holistic and individualized approach. Just as addiction impacts every part of a person’s life, recovery needs to happen in all areas of living. Our team provides full continuum care to promote recovery during and after treatment.

Personalized Addiction Care

Everyone has a unique experience with addiction, meaning that each person in recovery needs an individualized approach to care. Each of our clients goes through an extensive intake process so we can determine their needs during recovery. As they go through treatment, we will adapt their customized care plan to their unique recovery experience.

When you come to Beacon House, we will design your treatment plan to account for factors such as:

  • Your medical history
  • The drug that you have an addiction to
  • Your past experiences
  • Your personal preferences

Addressing Underlying Issues

In many cases of addiction, an underlying issue contributes to a person’s drug use. These factors include trauma and mental health conditions. Two of the ways that we address the contributing causes of addiction include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment: When someone has a mental health condition and a substance use disorder, both conditions require treatment at the same time. Dual diagnosis services involve the diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety.
  • Trauma-informed care: Past trauma can contribute to a person’s substance use disorder. Trauma-informed care at Beacon House aims to help clients build healthy coping skills and address their trauma safely.

Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches

As a legitimate disease, addiction requires evidence-based care. Research supports a variety of treatments for substance use disorders, depending on the type of addiction. In some cases, a combination of medication and therapy has the most evidence supporting its effectiveness. Other addictions require intensive therapy to relieve symptoms. Our addiction experts will help you find an evidence-based treatment that meets your individual needs.

Building a Support Network

During addiction treatment, social support is critical for emotional wellness, accountability and continuing recovery. Our professionals help clients reconnect with loved ones or form new relationships as they build a drug-free life. Clients who need family support can participate in our family therapy program where their loved ones engage in counseling with them. Some clients work on this aspect of recovery with their therapist as they develop goals for the future.

Encouraging Recovery for Life

Once a client leaves Beacon House, they need to practice recovery skills to continue a life without drugs. We provide the following services that promote a lifetime of recovery:

  • Relapse prevention: During relapse prevention education, you will learn how to manage triggers for relapse and what to do if relapse occurs.
  • Aftercare program: Clients who complete treatment at Beacon House can take part in our aftercare program for continuing recovery.
  • Alumni support program: Beacon House alumni can participate in group therapy, meetings and other support services after their treatment program.

Recovery Services Available at Beacon House

Clients at Beacon House receive a wide range of recovery services that we tailor to their individual needs. Using numerous therapy models, medication-assisted treatment, relapse prevention and other care approaches, we help people reclaim their lives. Learn more about recovery at Beacon House by contacting our staff online or calling 800-215-4733.