Partial Hospitalization Drug & Alcohol Program (PHP) Centers Monterey CAAre you looking for rigorous addiction treatment and care outside of the inpatient spectrum? If so, the Partial Hospitalization Program at Beacon House is here for you. PHP is the most intensive level of non-residential care you can receive in recovery today.

During your time in our Partial Hospitalization Program, you will receive a wide range of therapies and treatment that help you build a foundation for sobriety. These building blocks will address any difficulties you have maintaining a daily routine or handling triggers and stressors in your life.

What is A Partial Hospitalization Program?

Specifically, PHP is a combination of evidence-based treatment and skill enhancement protocols. After an original assesent, we’ll develop a custom treatment plan that includes the appropriate level of care. This level of care will depend on your specific circumstances in addiction.

Each and every person has a different experience with addiction, even if you are abusing the same drug. These experiences will vary due to a variety of things, such as your environment, social circles, mental health, past trauma, relationships, and more.

As a result, your treatment plan must be unique to you and your individual concerns. Without this personalized care, your treatment may not be as successful and lasting as it should be.

Therefore, the Partial Hospitalization Program at Beacon House will address each and every one of your concerns to ensure your safety and progress in recovery.

Addiction Therapies During PHP

During your time in PHP, you will have access to numerous therapies and counseling services. For example, our addiction therapy services at Beacon House include:

At Beacon House, we recognize the importance that your family can play in the recovery journey. Moreover, their support is extremely beneficial in helping you grow in sobriety. With family therapy, your loved ones will learn how to cope during this difficult time, while learning more about your addiction and how they can help.

Life-Changing Treatment at Beacon House

At Beacon House in Pacific Grove, California, you can begin to make the drastic change away from substance abuse. Our supportive has invaluable experience and is dedicated to helping you overcome addiction.

To learn more about our partial hospitalization program, reach out to us today. Contact Beacon House now at 831.372.4366 for more information about PHP and its benefits in addiction recovery.