Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Rehabilitation Program Monterey CADrug and alcohol abuse commonly leads to addiction and raises concerns for parents and families across the country. However, there are a variety of substance abuse treatment programs that can help. In many cases, those suffering from addiction won’t enter rehab due to their responsibilities at home or at work. Through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Beacon House, you can have the flexibility you need in recovery.

This primary program will give you a full range of therapies and treatments, along with counseling and life skills training, during the day before you return home each night.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

When looking for rehab options, it’s best to speak with those closest to you and determine what specific concerns and needs you have. If you have children, work obligations, or any other obligations that require your daily attention, an Intensive Outpatient Program may be the best option for you.

At an IOP, you will have the same treatments as those who are in Residential Addiction Treatment, except you can tend to your responsibilities at home each night. Our goal is to keep you focused, comfortable, and safe during this difficult time as we strive to bring sobriety into your life.

This part-time, yet intensive schedule is best for those who don’t need a medically supervised detox. Moreover, we’ll accommodate your work and family life with this schedule of high-quality addiction therapy services.

Flexibility in Treatment

Flexibility and privacy are two major concerns for individuals seeking addiction treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient Program provides both, along with structure and guidance on a path to lifetime recovery.

Your overall well-being and health is the key to any treatment plan. By making positive steps each day in recovery with a combination of therapies, you can make major changes in your life. For example, our therapies include:

With a holistic approach to treatment, we’ll treat your mind, body, and spirit. This well-rounded approach to rehab gives you the best possible chance at recovery and overall wellness. Through relapse prevention techniques and coping skills, you can return home each night without the fears of relapse.

Learn More About IOP at Beacon House

Beacon House is proud to be a member of the Gateway Foundation family. With our location in Pacific Grove, California, we strive to provide a lifetime of support and recovery for our clients.

Your struggles with substance abuse don’t have to continue to wreak havoc on your life. In fact, our Intensive Outpatient Program will put you on the right path to sobriety and an exciting, healthy future. For more information about our IOP, contact Beacon House today at 831.372.4366 .