Family Therapy Program for Substance Abuse Monterey CAAddiction affects more than the addict. Beacon House works to reunite loved ones and assist our clients in their recovery. Our commitment extends to all who have suffered throughout the addiction history. We understand that an addict’s support community needs assistance and guidance when embarking on the journey of recovery with a loved one(s). Our Family Therapy Program addresses these needs for all of our clients.

Family Support is provided both in primary treatment and ongoing, after treatment is concluded.

  • Ongoing weekly family support groups available
  • Family Intensive Saturdays during treatment help to develop strategies for supporting your loved one including:
    • How to maximize the value of 12-Step meetings
    • Identifying ways to help support the addict
    • Education about addiction and co-dependency
    • Family education centered on opening the lines of communication
  • Weekly Saturday workshops for building family communication skills

Family Therapy Program In Combination With Other Modalities

Specifically, other therapies will play a role in treatment. At Beacon House, we offer numerous modalities in combination with our Family Therapy Program. For example, these include:

With a wide range of modalities, your program will be custom and include certain therapeutic interventions. Therefore, you can concentrate on your recovery while addressing the root causes of your substance abuse. Each of our therapies, including the Family Therapy Program, will dive into your addiction head-on. We’ll address any underlying issues through group sessions, and individual meetings with a professional counselor.

Learn More About Beacon House

When you are ready to overcome addiction in your life, reach out to our team at Beacon House. In fact, we’re dedicated to providing effective addiction treatment with compassion, support, and integrity. For more information about our Family Therapy Program and various services, contact our rehab admissions staff today at 831.372.4366 .