Comprehensive Addiction Programs

Drug Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs Monterey CAQuality addiction therapy services are helpful not only during your time of treatment but also long after you get out of rehab. At our premier rehab in California, we offer comprehensive programs that treat and care for the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and post-rehab.

We understand it’s easy for people struggling with drug abuse to relapse, so we offer a continuum of care after rehab. This is an effort to equip you with the right skills to identify and prevent triggers as well as help you develop the confidence to face and overcome challenges you may encounter in your recovery journey.

Therapy is the core of addiction recovery. For individuals to recover fully from substance abuse, they must first understand the root cause of their addiction. Our team of professionals uses therapeutic intervention to understand the root cause for addiction and come up with the right measures to assist individuals in overcoming addiction.

Our comprehensive addiction therapy services deliver effective and customized care to individuals. Our services encompass five major aspects.

1. Provide Customized Care

Anyone can struggle with addiction. Each person also has a unique reason that drives them to drug abuse. Our professionals offer customized care tailored to individual clients to help sort out the reasons for the addiction.

2. Provide Evidence-Based Treatment

At Beacon House, we have a variety of treatments for addiction. What stands out among our addiction therapies is that they’re evidence-based treatments. These therapies have been effective for many, and they’re backed up by medical research.

3. Promote Lifelong Healthy Practices

We offer effective addiction therapies that focus on teaching and instilling healthy habits. Our clients learn different activities that keep them healthy as they continue their recovery journey. Some of the health benefits include physical fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Drug Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs Monterey CA

4. Offer a Network of Support Post-Rehab

Our addiction therapy services have been effective because we provide a continuum of care. Through group activities, clients get to understand that they’re not alone in their struggle. Family therapy also brings family members on board to offer support. Our medical professionals form part of our vast support network as well.

5. Treat the Underlying Problems

Our addiction therapy services don’t just tackle the symptoms. We address the underlying issues that comprise the core reasons for the addiction. We believe dealing with the underlying problems instead of the surface issues like symptoms can go a long way in ensuring a successful recovery process and lasting wellness.

What Therapy Is Best for Addiction?

Addiction can be challenging to treat. However, therapy can help you overcome it. Therapy can help you understand the underlying causes of addiction, the risk factors that may lead to relapse as well as develop adaptive skills to deal with stressful situations.

There are different therapies available, with each being more effective for different people depending on factors such as the type of addiction and age. Below are some of the addiction service therapies we offer at Beacon House.

1. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In most cases, substance abuse issues come with a concurrent disorder like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Since mental health and substance use disorders often occur in tandem, they need to be treated together. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously to increase the chances for a successful recovery process.

At Beacon House, we offer dual diagnosis treatment that focuses on reducing psychiatric symptoms as well as teaching you skills to recognize and cope with triggers. This can help you significantly with your recovery.

2. Trauma Therapy

About eight million adults experience PTSD every year, and many people who experience psychological trauma turn to substance abuse as a means to cope with fear and dread. Trauma therapy equips you with ways to deal with traumatizing experiences and developing positive reactions to trauma.

While trauma therapy can help you deal with trauma, it may not fight addiction. That’s why at Beacon House, we believe that trauma therapy should be administered alongside other treatments to ensure a successful recovery.

3. Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a category of treatment that uses recreational activities to allow you to re-experience emotional situations from the past. These experiences are usually the core of this process, as they enable the therapist to observe you in situations where you’re focused on the activities rather than the therapy itself.

Our experienced experiential therapists can guide you to release and explore different feelings you may not have been able to understand and process before. This method of treatment can help you conquer these feelings and overcome the effects of the trauma.

4. Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy involves treating the whole person, including mind, body, spirit, and emotions. During your time in our holistic rehab in California, you’ll engage in a number of activities for self-exploration. This enables you to have a deeper self-understanding, which ultimately promotes self-awareness and self-esteem.

Some of the mindful activities you can try include gym workouts, yoga classes and individualized training programs as well walks to nearby Pacific Grove landmarks.

5. Family Therapy

Drug Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs Monterey CAAddiction affects not just the addict, but also the community around them. Family therapy is essential to repair relationships and foster closeness among the addict’s family members. It also aims to understand the experiences of family members and address issues that affect them.

Our family therapy programs help the family in learning about substance abuse and how it affects the family dynamic. These programs also offer guidance to the family as they support you to ensure a successful journey to recovery.

Aftercare and Alumni Support

Addiction treatment therapy is not an end to your recovery journey. Staying sober is a lifelong process, and you need the right assistance to stay clean. Our aftercare program helps you reinforce everything you learn during the rehabilitation process. We have an array of activities you can engage in for your recovery. These include access to events, training, and meetings, among other services.

Maintaining sobriety requires a lot of hard work. To stay on track to your recovery, you must offer the utmost commitment and dedication to our recovery process. In our 60 years of operations, we have provided our full support to encourage members to stay sober and healthy.

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