It is vital that people today have access to a diverse array of addiction treatment options. The information addressed below will talk about one form of treatment known as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. It will also talk about some of the benefits that can be experienced from this addiction therapy service.

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?

Being mindful involves the act of remaining emotionally present in the given moment without worrying about the past or the future. Therefore, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes mindfulness techniques such as meditation. These precise techniques can allow a person to focus on the present situation. It also helps them become aware of negative thoughts so that they can change them into thought processes that are more in line with healing.

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can offer many advantages. Specifically, consider a few benefits listed below:

Mood Improvements

Cognitive therapies can enhance emotional control and reduce the impact of co-existing mental health conditions. For example, the person will likely experience relief from anxiety and depression.

Better Stress ControlMindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Treatment Monterey CA

It is no surprise that those suffering from substance abuse experience an overwhelming amount of physical and emotional stress. However, behavioral therapies can promote the reduction of stress by teaching these individuals various ways to cope with daily stress productively. Stress reduction can lead to better immunity and improved sleep patterns.

Improved Cognition and Memory Function

Those dealing with the negative impacts of an addictive substance may notice that their thinking abilities and memory function decline drastically. Therefore, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies focusing on mindfulness can greatly improve the cognitive functioning that these individuals experience on a daily basis.

Improved Overall Life Satisfaction

Those who have obtained drug abuse treatment using cognitive behavioral therapies almost always report a greater degree of life satisfaction. For example, they may get more joy out of their secular work and experience happier relationships with their loved ones.

Self-Insight for Reduced Relapse Risk

One of the biggest fears that a person who has gone through rehab may face is the possibility of a future relapse. Thankfully, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can be a powerful part of a relapse prevention plan. These therapies can help people become more in tune with their triggers so that they can learn how to deal with them effectively.

What Additional Rehab Tools are Beneficial?

The addiction therapy services that exist today continue to advance. Therefore, there are many tools and programs that can be used along with cognitive therapy to provide the best outcome. Other protocols can include group and family therapies, community support services, prescription medication, and therapeutic leisure activities. The ideal rehab facility will work directly with you to create an individualized plan of action.

Showing Support

Finding the right Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Northern California does not have to be a frustrating process. By analyzing your specific needs and goals, your family can settle on a rehab facility that is a good fit for you. You may experience comfort by considering a rehab center that focuses on holistic care, family involvement, and precise follow-up protocols.

Beacon House provides Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in the Pacific Grove, California area. Moreover, the compassionate staff members at Beacon House focus on offering holistic options for the common issues that occur with addiction. Each person seeking treatment here receives a custom program to address their specific issues. For example, this program may include:

You don’t have to allow an addiction to control your quality of life. In fact, you can get access to the healing tools you need with the right Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Call Beacon House at 831.372.4366 to find out how the programs offered here can assist your healing journey.