A crucial part of rehab is an individual therapy program for substance abuse and addiction. Moreover, speaking one-on-one with a therapist gives a person the supportive space required to retake control of their life. Learning to handle challenging situations by using healthy coping skills is one of the many benefits of our evidence-based and holistic therapy programs.

Important Benefits of an Individual Therapy ProgramDrug and Alcohol Individual Therapy Treatment Monterey CA

There are plenty of benefits to attending individual therapy sessions. This treatment starts with building a trusted relationship with their therapist. Doing so makes them feel secure enough to open up and explore their feelings.

Other benefits to participating in one-on-one addiction therapy services include:

  • Guidance on issues that motivated the person to begin using drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Devoted attention to addressing each stage of their recovery
  • Nonjudgmental and secure setting to talk about sensitive subjects like low self-esteem and relationships overall
  • Learning to reclaim a sense of power over addictions and moving forward in life

Being able to freely talk about problems and insecurities is liberating for the person overcoming addiction. Individual therapy offers a chance to break free from burdens that could cause them to relapse.

Individual Therapy Program During Detox

Detoxification is often the first stage of addiction treatment. Individual therapy usually occurs alongside detox and other treatments. This helps to build a strong foundation for their long-term recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and family focused therapy are two forms of modalities used during detox. Beginning sessions focus on how to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. Addressing issues that occurred from being addicted is equally important.

Therapy teaches a person new strategies for avoiding alcohol or drugs. It continues by addressing emotional issues often connected to addiction.

One-on-one therapy remains a good strategy after detox and rehab so the person can maintain sobriety. Their therapist helps them recognize how they used their addiction to self-medicate. They receive guidance on coping with situations that may cause them to use again.

Ongoing Individual Therapy Program During Addiction Treatment

Individual therapy is a good treatment tool during the first stages of recovery. The focus is on quitting and remaining abstinent. Over time, it shifts to helping a person resolve issues caused by their drug or alcohol addiction. They learn to identify, understand and address underlying emotions.

There is no set pattern to using individual therapy as part of a treatment plan. Overall, each person experiences addiction battles differently. Personalizing therapy sessions enables the person to understand how they got to this point.

Their therapist may employ mindfulness based cognitive therapy to help them deal with challenges. Therefore, this helps them gain new ways of coping as they embrace recovery.

Discover Lasting Recovery from Addiction

Beacon House provides holistic treatment for people recovering from drugs or alcohol. Moreover, our comprehensive approach to detox includes the individual therapy program. We offer a safe and supportive environment for you to get the treatment you need.

Specifically, getting help is a top priority when you suffer from an addiction. It is our belief that participating in individual therapy helps you learn more about yourself. Increasing self-awareness allows you to practice living a healthy lifestyle again.

We are committed to treating the whole person overall. Our goal is strengthening your foundation through effective addiction therapy services. We offer life-changing treatments and services such as:

Stop damaging your life and health with substance abuse. In fact, let us help you heal and restore balance to your life with our individual therapy program. Contact us today at 831.372.4366 to take your first step towards recovery.