Like most diseases, drug and alcohol addiction are treatable conditions. Addiction changes the mind and creates unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. The key is using the right treatment to help a person get and stay clean. One pathway to healing is cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT.

This type of treatment combines two therapeutic approaches and addiction recovery education to reverse unhealthy thoughts. It promotes healing through learning healthy behaviors and thinking habits.

Using CBT in Addiction TreatmentCognitve Behavioral Treatment (CBT) Therapy Center Monterey CA

Self-sabotaging thoughts can fuel drug or alcohol abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps a person by focusing on how their thoughts influence feelings and behaviors. Understanding the connection equips the person to think and act differently. Doing so supports their goals of becoming sober.

Cognitive behavioral techniques allow the person to confront and cope with thought patterns. They face problems head-on that can drive addictive behaviors. The importance of this is to avoid further harm to their health, life, and hopes of recovery.

During recovery, a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions impact their life choices. Grounding these elements in positive habits can increase the person’s sober living skills. This improves their overall well-being.

Role of CBT in Overcoming Addiction

Addiction changes the mind in ways that create an unhealthy environment. In addition, a person’s ability to cope with life experiences becomes colored. Negativity and uncontrollable compulsions drive their need for drugs or alcohol. Specifically, this even changes how they view their substance use.

A pre-existing mental illness or patterns of negativity fuels their addictive habits. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help them manage challenging emotions and thoughts that life brings, as well as cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. This treatment helps to reverse crippling choices. With guidance from a trained therapist, the person learns healthy and productive ways to manage.

A therapist helps them recognize unhealthy environments, people, attitudes, and situations. They also help the person anticipate future circumstances that might cause relapse.

The cycle of negative thoughts and damaging behaviors ends. Additionally, where addiction strips the person of hope, therapy revitalizes their optimism. It helps them feel more positive about who they are and what they need.

Benefits of CBT

Every person has a unique set of circumstances that brought them to the path of addiction. Therefore, reducing triggers and self-destructive behaviors requires a unique treatment plan to help them change course. Cognitive behavioral therapy offers many benefits for identifying and treating issues that prompted alcohol and/or drug abuse.

CBT takes work, but it gives the person a chance to build a solid foundation for deep healing. In fact, benefits from participating in cognitive behavioral therapy include:

  • Resolving problems in interpersonal relationships
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Healing from a traumatic experience
  • Dealing with a chronic medical condition
  • Coping with loss, grief, and life stressors

Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy combines cognitive treatment with meditation practices. Furthermore, it helps a person addicted to alcohol or drugs through reframing thought patterns.

The person learns how to control cravings and impulses by recognizing sensations that create them. At the same time, they learn to accept a negative experience without judging it.

Take Control of Your Recovery

Finding and maintaining sobriety can lead to long-lasting recovery through CBT. Therefore, Beacon House offers an environment that identifies underlying issues to treat the total person.

Our recovery specialists help you learn better ways to process negative and overwhelming thoughts. Moreover, stopping unhealthy behavior patterns reduces your chance of becoming debilitated by substance abuse.

For example, we have a range of holistic treatment options for a difficult journey such as:

Recovery is a lifelong journey that you do not have to make on your own. Call us today at 831.372.4366 and learn how CBT helps you embrace a positive life perspective. Our compassionate therapists will help you weather the storm and create a life that thrives.