As you live your daily life in addiction, you turn to alcohol or drugs as a retreat from life’s difficulties. You isolate yourself from the world, abuse your substances and avoid dealing with things that happen around you. Maybe you also inundate yourself with negative thoughts and feelings, believing you deserve the problems you suffer. These problems common to addiction improve with the help of ACT, a type of psychotherapy. However, what is acceptance and commitment therapy? Learn more about addiction therapy services at Beacon House today.

What is ACT?

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a type of talk therapy that leads to greater acceptance of the trials and tribulations of your life. This therapy recently found its place in the press, but it has been around for many years. It is founded on mindfulness, operating on the theory that greater contentedness occurs through positive thoughts and feelings. You must overcome your negative thoughts and feelings and mindfully replace them with positive ones.

Beacon House Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapy Monterey CAAcceptance and commitment therapy also involves an examination of your character traits and how those affect your behaviors. Examples of negative character traits of addiction include avoidant coping, or avoiding issues instead of coping with them. But this leaves many life issues unmanaged and creates chaos in your life.

Your acceptance psychotherapy also helps you commit to making changes in your life. When you get stuck on life changes in recovery, the therapy teaches you how to motivate yourself more when you struggle with your goals.

Through the course of your ACT, you learn to accept your reactions and remain present in the moment as your first learning goal. Your second goal is to choose the best direction. Finally, your third goal is taking action. Through these learned techniques, you stop stagnating in your life and start achieving goals.

The Importance of Acceptance

Many people argue that acceptance of your situation is part of the reason why you suffer addiction. But this is not true. Substance abuse is a way to avoid coping with your daily life struggles, triggers, and personal traits. You harbor negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. Your therapy helps to break this cycle.

You must learn to accept your emotions, personal traits, and life situations. In doing so, you can move beyond these hurdles. It is only through avoiding them that problems stick around to fester in your life.

Through acceptance and commitment therapy, you understand your own reality. That enables you to work with your talents and strengths to end your helplessness.

For example, strategies for acceptance include:

  • Allowing your feelings and thoughts to process without acting on them
  • Knowing your weaknesses but choosing to see your strengths
  • Accepting that you cannot be good at everything
  • Acknowledging the problems in your life without avoiding them
  • Realizing you control your own reactions, thoughts, and feelings

In your therapy, you also learn how to diffuse “drama.” These psychologically intense experiences rule your life now. It seems you find yourself extremely upset or indifferent. That common trait in addiction must be left behind you for a better future.

Defusion involves seeing your feelings and thoughts for what they are, as moments in time. Defusion helps you positively process your way through struggles or experiences. You make your problems manageable after your ACT program.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Healthy Recovery

Your addiction recovery relies on receiving a quality mix of therapies during rehab. You also need support, education, and other services to round out your rehab experience, approach to wellness, and tools for success. Beacon House in Pacific Grove, California provides this quality mix as one of the accredited non-profit rehabs of Gateway Foundation.

Therapies, treatments, and support of Beacon House include:

When you seek lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, Beacon House provides the programs you need for that wellness. Learn more about ACT and other therapies by calling Beacon House now at 831.372.4366 .