When it comes to addiction recovery education, few programs are more well-known than the 12 Steps. With that said, what’s a 12 step recovery program? How does it differ from others, and what are the benefits of using this method? The answers to these questions are important for people who need to know before they seek alcohol addiction treatment.

What Is a 12 Step Recovery Program?

The idea behind 12 step programs is to give people with addiction a recovery process that they can follow. It makes recovery a little bit easier for them. It can also assist with finding social support from others who have recovered from addiction.

12 Step Treatment Program Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Monterey CADuring a 12 step recovery program, people participate in group meetings with others who have recovered from or struggle with addiction. With the group help and support, they slowly work their way through the 12 Steps.

The first step is to admit that they’re powerless against addiction. The second step is to find hope through a higher goal or higher power. Next, they have to give up control to manage their lives to that higher power or goal. Afterward, they analyze their behaviors and take an inventory of their morals.

As people go through these steps, they share the results with their higher power or other people. From there, they prepare to allow the higher power to remove all of the negatives from their lives. This task involves asking the higher power for help. Some of the other steps include:

  • Making a list of the people they’ve hurt or done wrong toward
  • Make amends to the people on that list
  • Do another self-analysis and amend certain practices
  • Pray or meditate for the power to continue their recovery
  • Help others who undergo the same process

Benefits of 12 Step Rehab

With more information about 12 step rehab, people can better understand the benefits of such a program. One of these is the high success rate. While a 12 step recovery program doesn’t work for everyone, it makes recovery easier when it’s successful.

Twelve step rehab focuses on accountability and acknowledging mistakes. Only through acknowledging these mistakes can people correct them and make positive changes in their lives. This benefit prevents them from placing the blame for their addiction on others.

Another benefit is that 12 step rehab largely focuses on spirituality. Rather than always being with God, this spiritual enlightenment can be with any kind of higher power. It helps people better understand themselves and gives them someone to turn to when they need help.

Lastly, 12 step rehab emphasizes recovery in a group setting. Having others to count on is important during the recovery process. No one wants to feel like they’re alone, and 12 step rehab reminds them that they aren’t. Participants in a 12 step rehab group setting build supportive relationships in the recovery community that will last long after concluding the recovery program.

Turn to Beacon House for Help

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