HOW WE TREAT Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication helps manage withdrawal, reduce cravings,
and allows you to participate in treatment that leads
to lifelong recovery.
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For some pateints, traditional psychosocial treatments are not enough to maintain lasting sobriety. After an in-depth evaluation, our staff may advise medication-assisted treatment to augment group and individual counseling. Medications such as Antabuse, Vivitrol, Revia, Topamax, and Campral help prevent relapse, and can serve as a vital and supportive component in an individualized treatment plan.

Through ongoing collaboration with our patients, their families, and our treatment team, we design the most effective treatment program possible. Lifelong sobriety is our shared goal. During treatment, our team works with clients to facilitate the potential use of medication to support recovery and ongoing sobriety. When appropriate, we incorporate medication into the treatment plan.


In many cases, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be overwhelming and prevent you from even thinking about beginning a treatment program. Medication can ease you through the difficulties of withdrawal and help you get to a physical, psychological, and emotional place where you can begin participating in treatment. Once you’re past the withdrawal stage, medication can help you manage the cravings that often lead to relapse.

At Beacon House, medication is only part of the picture. It’s one component in a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes group, individual, and experiential therapy. It’s one piece of the puzzle – but for some, it can be the piece that makes all the difference.

Patients who participate in MAT receive around-the-clock medical support and supervision. This ensures safety and helps us recognize any symptoms or interactions that arise. Our professional staff is committed to your total health and long-term recovery. When we include MAT in a treatment program, we make sure it’s safe – but most importantly, we make sure it works for you. 


Your success in detox and treatment depends on a variety of factors. Treatment at Beacon House inlcudes a variety of addiction therapy services, including:

In combination with these evidence-based therapies, MAT gives you the confidence to remain sober well after you leave our facility. To learn more, contact us today at 1 (831) 372-4366.