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Our clinical team offers the highest quality
evidence-based treatment available.
But all the science in the world won’t help
without genuine, caring, and committed people behind it.

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Beacon House offers a broad spectrum of data-driven therapeutic approaches for people seeking treatment for alcohol and/or substance use disorder. We create individualized plans based on who you are, what interests you, and your goals for recovery. We’re patient-centered, which means your strengths, passions, and abilities drive the content of your treatment plan.

Step One: Listen and Learn.

We begin with a complete biopsychosocial assessment. We learn everything we can about you. We gather details on your medical history, your alcohol and/or substance use history, your psychiatric history – if applicable – and all the factors that led to your decision to enter treatment. That includes your family history and current relationship dynamic. Everything matters, and everything counts. This initial information forms the foundation of your treatment plan – but that’s just the beginning.

Step Two: Observe and Learn.

Our clinicians watch how you respond to treatment. Everyone is different: what works for some people may not work for others. We pay attention to how you interact with your recovery peers and counselors. We take notes on how you respond to traditional treatments, such as process groups and individual counseling. With your help, we determine whether experiential therapies – such as yoga, surfing, and hiking – resonate with you.

Step Three: Adapt – and Learn.

Once we have a solid idea of what you need to achieve your goals – for treatment, recovery, and life – we adjust your plan to maximize your strengths and leverage the unique qualities you bring to treatment. As you learn and grow in recovery, and as we learn more about you, your plan grows along with you. You may not need some things that were essential at the beginning of your recovery journey, and some things that didn’t work in the begin may become essential as time passes. No one can predict how these details play out. That’s why all our plans are adaptable – and nothing is set in stone, except our commitment to your long-term recovery.


It’s important to reiterate that no two treatment plans at Beacon House are identical – because no two people at Beacon House are identical. With that in mind, all treatment plans at Beacon House include some combination of the following therapies and treatments:

Individual Counseling: You participate in regular weekly sessions with an addiction counselor and/or psychiatrist.

Group Counseling: You participate in multiple group sessions every day. Groups may be educational or therapeutic. Topics include – but are not limited to – everything from relapse prevention and trigger management to the science of addiction and strategies for effective communication.

Family Counseling: We invite your family to participate in our Saturday Family Workshop. Understanding your family dynamic – and having your loved ones learn what treatment is all about – is an important part of the recovery process at Beacon House.

Experiential Therapies: At Beacon House, experiential therapies are a core component of our treatment plans and our treatment ethos. We believe in getting outside, enjoying nature, and learning how to have fun without alcohol and drugs. Experiential therapies at Beacon House include – but are not limited to – yoga, meditation, hiking, surfing, birding (birdwatching), equine therapy (horses), and golf.

Expressive Therapies: We encourage everyone in our community to explore their artistic, creative side with activities like journaling, painting, and drawing. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking program called Rock to Recovery with renowned rock guitarist Wes Geer of the popular band Korn.