As part of the combination opioid/narcotic/analgesic class of drugs, Vicodin is relatively new to the American market as a pharmaceutical to treat moderate to severe pain following injury or surgery. However, it’s quickly become one of the most abused drugs in the country. At our Vicodin Addiction Treatment Center, we strive to help our clients overcome Vicodin abuse.

Vicodin Addiction Facts

Vicodin Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CA

In terms of Vicodin addiction facts, since its debut, 99 percent of Vicodin was consumed within the United States. Moreover, as of 2012, it was the most common opioid prescribed by health professionals. 142 million prescriptions during that time. Additionally, in 2009 alone, it was reported that nearly 16 million Americans 12 and older use prescription Vicodin for a non-medical purpose.

Vicodin, like nearly all opioids, works by blocking pain receptors in the brain. Furthermore, it creates feelings of euphoria and extreme relaxation.

However, when tolerance develops, more and more of the drug is necessary to achieve the same feelings. During your time at our Vicodin Addiction Treatment Center, you will learn how to overcome these urges and bring sobriety into your life.

Therapies at Our Vicodin Addiction Treatment Center

When you enter our Vicodin Addiction Treatment Center, you’ll have access to various Addiction Therapy Services. For example, these may include:

The therapies in which you receive will depend on your original assessment with our counselors. Therefore, we can identify the true causes of your addiction and begin to tackle them directly. Moreover, if you are struggling with mental illness, we can treat that as well. Through dual diagnosis, we can help you recognize how your addiction and mental illness directly influence one another.

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