As one of the newer pharmaceutical drugs, OxyContin has quickly become one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States. However, our OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center can help you overcome substance abuse with a foundation for recovery.

OxyContin Facts

Oxycontin Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CA

In fact, OxyContin drug abuse rates are alarming: there has been an 82 percent rise in prescriptions for the drug since it was created in 1995. Moreover, more than 182,000 emergency room visits were the result of accidental misuse or abuse. 70 percent of high school students have reported abusing OxyContin and the drugs related to it. Five percent of all current drug addicts abuse OxyContin before abusing a more potent narcotic drug.

In addition, some 16 million Americans over the age of 12 have used the opiate for a non-medical purpose in the past year. These oxycontin addiction rates are a direct reflection of the drug’s potent effects. OxyContin is typically for pain management, and ironically one of its original intentions was as a substitute for stronger opiates. However, it’s widespread use has led to addiction in many cases.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California

When you begin to search for the effective rehab treatment, it’s important to consider your specific needs. At Beacon House, we provide an original assessment at our OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center. This will help us develop a custom treatment plan that addresses your unique circumstances with addiction.

For example, your treatment protocol may include therapies such as:

When you enter our facility, our counselors will work with you to bring light to the causes of your problem. These underlying causes may be due to environmental factors, relationships, social circles, and more. Therefore, we will discover these challenges in your life and help you develop new strategies to overcome them.

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When addiction takes control, it’s difficult to think of anything else. Furthermore, your actions and behaviors will revolve around drug abuse.

However, you can return to a healthy lifestyle at our OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center. For more information about us, contact our staff today at 831.372.4366.