With the highly addictive nature of methamphetamine comes the obvious chance of an accidental overdose. And when this situation is suspected, it’s crucial that the user obtain medical care immediately. At our Meth Addiction Treatment Center, you can overcome the challenges of methamphetamine addiction today.

Meth Overdose SymptomsMethamphetamine (Crystal Meth) Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CA

Symptoms of an overdose include extreme agitation and paranoia, difficulty breathing, chest pains, severe stomach pain and, in the most serious cases, seizures, heart attacks, and strokes. Once in an emergency room, methamphetamine overdose treatments usually involve close monitoring of the patient’s vital signs. This includes temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. Additionally, the overdose victim will likely receive intravenous fluids to maintain hydration. Medications will regulate heart rate and blood pressure if necessary.

After you receive emergency care, it’s important to enter a Meth Addiction Treatment Center for therapy and treatment. This will help you remove meth abuse from your life. Furthermore, you can begin to find new ways to enjoy your life without the need for meth.

Meth Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California

Thousands of Americans struggle with meth abuse each and every day. This drug is reaching epidemic proportions in America. However, a Meth Addiction Treatment Center can change your life for the better. With professional staff and effective programs, you can overcome addiction in a safe, supportive environment. For example, Addiction Therapy Services at Beacon House include:

Through Experiential Therapy, you will have access to fun activities such as golf and horseback riding. This will teach you how to enjoy life without the use of meth. Moreover, it’s a time for reflection and understanding, while working with peers in recovery.

Face Meth Addiction With Beacon House

Face your meth addiction head-on with the support and guidance of Beacon House. In fact, our staff provides around-the-clock medical supervision and support. Learn more about our Meth Addiction Treatment Center today. Call us now for more information.