As with any drug addiction, the first step to recovery is to seek help at a professional treatment facility. In fact, it’s vital to seek professional help at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center. Heroin addiction recovery and relapse statistics show that only about 35 percent of addicts successfully complete outpatient therapies, while more than 65 percent achieve lasting recovery in an inpatient setting.

Heroin Addiction Facts & Statistics

Heroin Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center Monterey CAStatistics show that heroin abuse is on the rise in our country. In the past three years alone, nearly 700,000 Americans report using heroin. Specifically, this is most common in the young adult demographic of 18 to 25 years old.

Heroin abuse is, for now, confined to 18-year-olds and above: Less than one percent of 8th-12th graders have tried the drug since 2005. However, it’s estimated that 25 percent of individuals who use heroin even once become dependent on it.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California

With the staggering numbers above, the need for a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center is even more prevalent. Therefore, Beacon House is proud to provide proper heroin treatment in Northern California. For example, our therapies for heroin abuse include:

With a combination of modalities, your treatment will include a structure you need and the support you deserve. Furthermore, each day you will attend meetings, counseling sessions, and addiction education groups.

Through this training at our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center, you can begin to find balance in your life. However, addiction recovery doesn’t end once you finish our program. Recovery is a lifelong progress that requires a daily commitment. Therefore, it’s important to remain active in the recovery community once you exit our facility. At Beacon House, we offer an Aftercare Program for our alumni to attend meetings and events weekly.

Overcome Heroin Addiction Now

Has heroin abuse led to addiction in your life? Moreover, are you struggling to focus on your daily responsibilities due to heroin use? Possibly having health concerns as well? If so, Beacon House is here for you. Learn more about our Heroin Addiction Treatment Center today and make lasting change in your life. Contact us now at 866.418.0235 for more information about our programs.