Beacon House Interventions

When your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be devastating to watch them hurt themselves and those around them. Every day comes with the constant worry that they will continue down this destructive path. There may seem to be no escape from the stress and fear caused by their substance addiction. If your addicted loved one is unwilling to get help on their own, we can help.

At Beacon House, we’re committed to every member of your family who has suffered because of this history of addiction. We believe intervention is a powerful tool that can help families heal and grow together. We’re experts at crisis intervention, and we take pride in helping clients who are struggling with addiction take the first important steps into a life of recovery. Our intervention programs for substance abuse focus on what’s needed to change a family’s current reality and promote healing from within.

How to Know If You or a Loved One Needs an Intervention

Our drug and alcohol intervention programs help us understand the root cause of addiction so that we can come up with the right treatment plan to help individuals overcome it. The first step, however, is knowing if an intervention is needed for you or a loved one.

It’s not always easy to tell if your loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol. Or you may be aware that they have an addiction problem, but you’re unsure of how and when to get them help. Broaching the subject can be painful, awkward and cause feelings of fear or guilt. However, it’s vital to move past all this to ensure your loved one gets out of grave danger.

The following signs will help you decide if now is the right time to seek professional intervention help:

  • You make excuses or cover up their bad behavior, such as missing work or other obligations.
  • You are made to feel guilty, like their behavior is your fault.
  • You offer help and financial support that goes unappreciated.
  • You’re afraid your addicted loved one will leave, hate you or never talk to you again if you address their addiction.
  • You suspect they may be stealing or lying.
  • You often feel burned out or exhausted by your loved one’s behavior.
  • You find yourself ignoring behavior you once considered unacceptable.
  • Your loved one intentionally spends less time socializing.
  • Your loved one tends to drive chaos and confusion in the family.

Different Types of Interventions for Different Kinds of Substance Abuse

Once your family is all on the same page on how to address your loved one’s addiction, Beacon House in Northern California is here for you. Our intervention programs can help you come together as a family to address a loved one’s addiction. Intervention is an important first step that allows addicted individuals to recognize their need for treatment. At the same time, interventions will enable your family to begin the healing process. Each person can express their feelings on how addiction has personally impacted them.

No matter what type of substance addiction your loved one struggles with, we can help. At Beacon House, we have experience in addressing a variety of different kinds of addictions and can get your loved one the care they need. We offer intervention programs for a number of substance abuses, including:

  • Intervention programs for alcohol abuse
  • Heroin intervention
  • Cocaine intervention
  • Interventions for opiate addiction
  • Marijuana intervention
  • Meth intervention
  • Oxycontin intervention
  • Sedative addiction intervention
  • Valium intervention
  • Vicodin intervention
  • And more

More Reasons to Choose Beacon House

When you choose Beacon House, our intervention services aren’t the end, but only the beginning of helping your addicted loved one. A successful recovery process depends on ongoing support for both your family and the individual struggling with addiction.

Depending on a client’s specific needs, we offer longer-term treatment programs that will help your loved one get clean. We carefully consider each client to create a personalized approach for their care, which may include:

We also actively work to reunite our clients with their family members and loved ones through our family therapy program.

Learn More About Our Drug and Alcohol Intervention Referrals

When you feel the time is right to seek life-saving treatment for your loved one, we invite you to reach out to our intervention team at Beacon House. We’d also be happy to provide you with more information about our drug and alcohol programs and learn how we can help you.