White Elephant!

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Sometimes I just have to laugh.

I went to a lovely holiday party at my friend’s house last week. What a great time!

I, of course, showed up with my Diet Coke can in hand.

Everyone else had mini wine bottles poured into beautiful glasses or a beer.

These situations are uncomfortable for me.

Only in the sense that I feel like I stand out – wine glasses, beer bottles, and then me – Diet Coke can. I feel different. I am different. In this group of women, I am the only one who doesn’t drink and is not fixated on wine. There is so much talk about WINE!

So, to fit in better, I came up with the simple solution of pouring my Coke into a glass. It’s not rocket science, but it took me a good half-hour to figure out.

All settled in and enjoying the company, it was time for the White Elephant gift exchange.

Here’s what I won:


At first I was disappointed, but in the end I just had to laugh – with my Diet Coke in hand!

Happy Safe, Sober Holidays to you!