What is in Your Toolbox?


We live in a culture that loves to drink. Actually, with a few exceptions and my fellowship friends I really do not know anyone that does not drink.

I am frequently faced with the following questions, especially around this time of year with the holidays quickly approaching:

What would you like to drink?

Why are you not drinking?

Are you sure you would not like a drink?

Why don’t you just try this, it’s delicious?

These questions can be challenging at times. They were especially challenging when I first moved to the Midwest away from my support network on the Monterey Peninsula. Before Nebraska, I lived in my “Pacific Grove Bubble” which consisted of:

Work (at Beacon House)



Sponsor, Friends (basically all sober), Family


I never really had the opportunity to utilize the tools from my “Tool Box.” Today I get to utilize those tools that I had been collecting for over a decade. These tools or solutions are as follows:

Stay spiritually connected. Always. And if I am not connected, I stay home.

Always have a drink in hand (water, diet coke, club soda) so people do not feel the need to constantly ask me what I would like to drink….

I practice saying “no thank you” and leaving it at that.

I stay close to my husband when at social gatherings.

If not with my husband, I always have an exit plan, if needed, to leave a social event.

And lastly, I always remembe there is no problem or situation that is worth a drink.

For me, alcohol makes things worse – never better

What solutions do you have for this holiday season?  What is in your toolbox?

Happy woman maintaining her addiction recovery during the holidays


Help for Addiction Recovery During the Holidays

Living in addiction recovery during the holidays can be difficult. Beacon House understands this, which is why we offer comprehensive addiction recovery resources for those in need. For questions about this resources or our life-changing California substance abuse treatment programs, call 1 (831) 372-4366.