What is Gratitude?

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November is Gratitude Month.

What is Gratitude?

I say that Gratitude is a necessary ingredient to living a happy and fulfilling life. Since I began practicing an “Attitude of Gratitude” I’ve noticed benefits to my mood, decrease in stress, and just an overall improvement in my well-being. I’m happier, healthier, more physically fit, and both my personal and professional relationships benefit.

Science tells us our brains promote positive responses when we practice gratitude. This results in better relationships, sleep, health, mood, happiness, satisfaction at work and school, and resiliency.

Learn the benefits of gratitude during gratitude month

With the regular practice of gratitude, we do decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and we recover faster from trauma and injuries.

And it’s as easy as jotting down a thought or two a day of what you are grateful for on paper, telling people in your life why you appreciate them, and/or focusing on the positive in situations throughout your day. This doesn’t come naturally for me. It’s work. For me, gratitude is action.

This month and every month, I’m going to acknowledge my gratitude to see what impacts I can make. I’m sure my husband will notice!

How will it impact your life?

How will Gratitude Month impact your life


Give Back During Gratitude Month

Members of our Alumni Support Community pride themselves on giving back during Gratitude Month. Through events, activities, and support group meetings, Beacon House has the addiction recovery resources individuals need on the path to lasting sobriety. Call us today at 1 (831) 372-4366.