What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that allows you to interact with horses to help work through your psychological or emotional issues. Equine therapy can act as an effective supplement to traditional psychotherapy. If you’re the type of person that connects with animals, you may find that an equine therapy program is beneficial for your treatment.

Equine Therapy Definition and Benefits

Equine therapy can help you if you are currently diagnosed with substance/alcohol use disorder, anxiety, mental illness, or a personality disorder. Spending time engaging with horses can boost your self-esteem and teach you new ways to monitor and manage your emotions.

Here’s how equine therapy helps:

1. Immediate Feedback

Horses provide immediate feedback by sensing your feelings and responding accordingly. Therefore, if you exude negativity, a horse’s response can be a reliable indicator of what is going on inside of you.

2. Learning Opportunities

You can learn to interact with people by interacting with horses. Equine therapy can teach you how to evaluate and modify your mood and behaviors. It’s also the perfect way to learn about your emotions, and understand how they affect your relationships.

3. Build Trust

Learning to ride a horse is a lesson in trust. The horse must trust that you are not going to harm it. Additionally, you must trust that the horse is not going to throw you off. Building trust takes time and patience. You first start by letting the horse get to know you and then slowly work your way up to riding the horse. It’s an effective template for learning how to build relationships with other people that are based on trust.

4. Build Healthy Relationships

Horses offer you a non-judgmental relationship where you can be yourself and learn to overcome negativity. You can also deal with negative aspects of relationships that devloped due to addiction. You can learn to overcome your addiction without fear of criticism or judgment.

Equine Therapy As a Part of Addiction Treatment

Equine therapy can be an effective supplement to an overall treatment program. Beacon House programs include:

When combined with traditional treatment, these modalities can help you handle your substance use as well as other issues in a more well-rounded manner. You have the opportunity to learn in ways that traditional therapy cannot provide.

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