Do you ever get triggered, and have memories of drinking come rushing back to you?

I do, every time I hear someone open a can of soda. It reminds me of beer – EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The sound of a beer can opening can be one of many drinking triggers

That sound then causes me to romanticize beer. I can almost taste how good a cold one felt on a hot summer day.

Fortunately, during rehab, I learned to play the tape forward. What this means is that I start with the memory that seems so great, and just let it run until its logical conclusion. Over time this has become ingrained in me.  Drinking that first, and possibly second beer might feel great.  But by beer number 12, things aren’t pretty.

That’s why I stay on my program, and value all those tricks and techniques I learned during rehab: they help keep me sober every day.

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