Thirteenth Sobriety Birthday!

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Recently I had my 13th sobriety birthday. Thirteen years!

I am beyond grateful.

Thirteen years is also how long I was in my disease.

That’s a totla of 26 years.

A Ninth Step Promise is:

”We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it”.  – Big Book pg. 83

There are times when I regret my past.

The reason for the regret is time. Lost time.

Thirteen years, in my disease, being controlled by a substance.

However, with regards to the second part of the Promise, I have never, ever wanted to shut the door on my past.

That past of mine, no matter how dark, how desperate, how alone, and how dependent, makes me the Light that I am today.

Out of that darkness came Light. Out of that darkness I have learned to live, love, and forgive.

Thank you to all of my Lights who have shown and continue to show me the way.