Recovery Notes: The Positive Power of Yoga

Major events in my life over the last two years have seriously tested my resolve and challenged my recovery skills. I’m grateful for them, though, because they brought me to new places in my recovery journey.

They’ve opened up new doors that I was always afraid to open before.

They opened because I needed to walk through them – and I was finally ready.

I won’t list what they were. Everyone in recovery faces challenges. Everyone faces challenges, period.

What I will share is what I decided to do about how I faced them.

Here’s the scenario: I was getting down. I was starting to lose my positive outlook. And I realized one thing I needed to do to adjust my attitude was get back to eating healthy and exercising regularly.

And guess what?

Totally worked.

And again, the important thing is not what I did, but this:

Instead of waiting for positive energy to come to me, I decided that I would do the work that I had to do to seek and find it.

I noticed that my daily outlook improved and my overall well being was much better than before.

That was after Recent Traumatic Event #1.

But then, as happens – as life happens – Traumatic Event #2 happened.

It’s not easy to keep my positive outlook! But I’m doing my best – and it’s working.

Ride The Wave

I’m not ignoring my difficult feelings. I’m letting them wash over me like a wave from the ocean. The key is that I’m not drowning. Because of my recovery skills, I’ve learned to swim. And wait. So I’m just letting it all wash over me and allowing the tide to recede.

But this time I’ve integrated something new to my recovery routine. And that something is yoga!

I know what some of you may be thinking. How can yoga help my recovery?

If you’re thinking that, I can relate. Because I was skeptical at first. But there was one thing that I knew about it: some people I know and love swear by yoga. They say it helps them not only with recovery, but in all areas of their lives. I’ve also read countless articles and testimonies from people who extoll the virtues of yoga and recovery.

I knew trying a yoga class could only be positive.

So I gave it a try.

I decided that I was going to do anything that it took to stay positive, love myself, respect myself, and stick to my recovery. I knew I wanted to be in a state where I embraced recovery one hundred percent.

Empowering Myself  in Recovery

So I decided to use diet, yoga, and just plain loving myself to accomplish this.

Now know why these people I love and respect have put such a high value on yoga. And I relearned the lessons I learned in treatment about positive lifestyle changes, and remembered why my counselors and peers placed valued experiential therapies so much: they make a huge difference.

I’m very grateful I found the strength to overcome the fear and skepticism that was keeping me from trying yoga.

Now, it helps me stay positive.

I’ll end with two questions for you – and these are valid questions for everyone, not just people in recovery:

What helps you stay positive?

Are you doing it every day?