Pick up the Phone!

sober support system

The picture of this anvil is what the phone felt like to me in early sobriety.

How many of you can relate?

sober support system

The suggestion: pick up the phone and ask for help.

Early on, for me, it was for help to not drink.

As my recovery time has progressed this concept spread into other areas.

Now I pick up the phone to say ‘Hi’ and communicate things that can get lost in translation via text or emails. I pick up the phone to accomplish projects/goals and to ask for help.

Some might say that talking on the phone is becoming a lost art and that people don’t do it anymore.

I am guilty of not picking up the phone. I revert to the easier, less personal way of communicating. Texting is my favorite. I’d much rather isolate in my home office from family, friends, co-workers and other responsibilities and only communicate via text and email.  Some days, my 4.55 ounce iPhone is just too heavy to pick up.

sober support system

The most recent example in my life that got me thinking about picking up the phone happened this week. I’ve been communicating via email for about a year and a half with the Department of Health and Human Services trying to get reciprocity in my current State of residence for my California -issued Mental Health License. Email has gotten me almost nowhere.

For a whole year and a half.

Due to my frustration, I finally wrote a fiery email to the woman I’d been communicating with. Before hitting send, I paused, prayed, and then changed my mind. I picked up the phone to chat with her live.

What a concept!

Confusion was put to rest and solutions appeared.  It will still take some time to get the reciprocity. It may not even work, but at least now I have a solution and feel some hope.

Lesson learned: a phone call with the right tone and humility gets better results than emotionally charged emails.

heavy sober support system

Sober Support System

If you’re in recovery, don’t forget to pick up the phone and connect wihth your sober support system. And if you have a friend or family member in recovery, don’t forget to pick up the phone and check in on them. Their sober support system can encourage them to remain on course in their recovery. To learn more about our Alumni Support Program, contact us today.