Nonalcoholic beer? What could it hurt?

Sometimes I think about the craving that would take place after I would drink. It was something that I loved during that time of my life. It almost made me feel like I had a purpose.

One thing that came up over and over with me in my early sobriety was ingesting non-alcoholic beverages and if it was a relapse. The same thing would go for items that contain all amounts of alcohol like mouth wash or cooking with wine.

Is it ok to have just a little bit of alcohol in your daily life? Can I have a drink that has a very low alcohol? There are some things that I have to examine inside myself when making these choices…

  1. What are my motives?
  2. What will I gain by drinking this?
  3. Why would I want to do this?

These are the things that I have to be thinking about whenever I make a decision that involves something this major in my recovery.

What are the deeper issues that are going on inside of me that are prompting me to make this decision?

I can say for me personally…. That non-alcoholic beer is way too close for comfort. There is no way that I want to even take a chance that I could go back to the way that I was living before this miracle.

One thing that I do know about this disease is that it wants to kill me…. And it will use any means necessary to do that. All it needs is just a little a little crack in the door.. And it has me.

When I relapsed… I can remember thinking that it was only a little alcohol that I was drinking. Just a little bit… That was all. It was the little bit that my disease needed. It almost killed me… Again.

On the other hand…. I do know that this is my experience. Everyone’s experience is different.. Just as different as people’s program. It’s not my place to pass judgement on them. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous thought me that I had an allergy…. I need to treat the allergy. Then I will not experience the phenomenon of craving.

I have a fear that if I ever ingested any alcohol… That craving would return. Even if there is a low volume of alcohol in what I am drinking.

It’s a healthy fear.

What is your experience with non-alcoholic beer? Do you think it is right? Or wrong? Or is is none of your damn business?

Nonalcoholic Beer: Too Close for Comfort

Nonalcoholic beer often leads past addicts back into addiction. In fact, that familiar taste can be too much to cope with. Therefore, focus on your recovery with our Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehab Program. For more information, contact us today at 831.372.4366.