National Alcohol Screening Day 2019

April 11th is National Alcohol Screening Day 2019. It’s a unique opportunity for you to put nagging questions to rest. Most importantly, this screening process doesn’t take place at your doctor’s office. Here’s why this could make a difference.

National Alcohol Screening Day 2019 Eliminates the Stigma

You hesitate to visit your doctor’s office to talk about your drinking problem. After all, maybe you’re normal. Although you suspect that you have an alcohol problem, you’re not sure the doctor is the right person to call. That’s why the relative anonymity of the National Alcohol Screening Day event makes sense.

You visit a college campus, military base, or government office on National Alcohol Screening Day. You talk to a screener who asks you a few questions. The process is quick, confidential, and anonymous. It gives you the information you need to think about your next steps.

Treat an Alcohol Addiction at a Rehab Facility

When most people think about quitting drinking, they think about going cold turkey. That’s not a good idea because it typically results in failure. Instead, it’s better to enlist the assistance of professionals. At a Northern California alcohol rehab center, you get the help you need while avoiding the worst parts of withdrawal.

Talk to an intake advisor about your experience at National Alcohol Screening Day 2019. There’s no judgment or condemnation. They want to help you recover.

They’ll outline the different programs you might participate in. For example, most good-quality rehab facilities offer outpatient and residential care. You choose the setup that works best with your circumstances. Then, an addiction specialist customizes modalities to meet your unique needs.

Treatment may include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment that relies on pharmacological support to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Behavioral therapy that guides you through choosing healthy coping skills when dealing with stressors
  • Dual diagnosis treatment as a way to manage co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Mindfulness training that encourages you to ground yourself in the present without worrying about the past or future
  • Individual and group therapy sessions for goal-setting, relapse prevention training, and addiction education

A Great Time to Enroll in an Alcohol Rehab Program

The screening may be the catalyst for you to consider making changes. This is how National Alcohol Screening Day can open your eyes to your need for treatment. It could be the nudge you need to make the call. However, you do not have to wait for this event – or others like it – to come around.

There’s never a wrong time to choose treatment. The rehab admissions offices at Beacon House in Pacific Grove, CA are ready for your call 24/7. If you call duing working hours, our therapists are on hand to answer questions and conduct an intake interview at your convenience. If you believe that you have a drinking problem, but the next screening event is too far off, call now.

Whether it’s National Alcohol Screening Day 2019 or any other day, Beacon House welcomes you. Call 1 (831) 372-4366 today for more information.