Where Was the Last Place You Drank?

The last place I drank was a little local bar in Carmel, CA.

I have no idea what I drank. I really do not remember much about that night.

I was 28 years old. I took a leave of absence from school and had moved home to Carmel to be with my mom and grandma.

My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer. My grandma was in hospice care, dying at home.

I was there to help and I was drinking heavily.

It was during this time that I got sober.  In the midst of crisis and high emotion I was able to ask for help.

Here’s what happened:

My grandma had recently died and my mom was recovering from her surgery.  I was out drinking.

The last night I drank, I walked home in a blackout. Apparently, I went to bed and woke with clarity at  3:30 am.

The news was on, talking about the Iraq War.

Clear as day, I heard a voice say “Game is Over.”

I went back to sleep.

When I “Came To” the next morning I was not sick (all miracle) and I asked my mom for help.

Game was over. I was done.

If you’re looking for help, please call Beacon House.

If we cannot help, we will help to find someone who can.

Where is the Last Place I Drank?

It’s important to recognize when you need help for alcohol addiction. Many users ask, where is the last place I drank? However, you can receive help with our Northern California Alcohol Rehab Program. For more information, contact us today at 1 (831) 372-4366.