Impulse Control

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The inability to control impulsive behavior has a long standing link to alcohol and drug use. It’s linked to the initial urge to drink and do drugs as well as to relapse behavior. In recovery, learning to control impulses is essential for recovery.

Today my impulses are pretty rudimentary.  Here are some examples:

impulse control

Do I write in the wet cement?

impulse control

Should I jump the fence for a quick dip in the pool considering I have ridden my bike 15 miles, it’s 104 degrees out, and I have 15 miles to go?

I actually consider doing these things if only for a fleeting moment……

My past behavior would have demonstrated impaired decision making and/or poor impulse control – writing in the wet cement, jumping in the pool, drinking THREE 40 oz of malt liquor!

When it comes to drinking, I have been able to resist the impulses.  I have developed the ability to think through the consequences of my actions.  This is not only with drinking, but also in all areas of my life…

impulse control

For those who do know me….  I do still demonstrate impulsive behavior when it comes to picking pretty flowers however.

Impulse Control in Recovery

Are you struggling with impulse control in your recovery? If so, visit our Addiction Recovery Resources for more information about relapse prevention. To learn more, contact us today at 1 (831) 372-4366.