How to Get Help Paying for Rehab

When you need addiction treatment, cost shouldn’t be an obstacle to your recovery. A lot of people who want to overcome drug and alcohol dependency don’t go to rehab because they’re worried about how they’ll pay for it.

If you need help paying for rehab, you may have more options than you think.

Where to Find Help Paying for RehabDo you need help paying for rehab?

Although some addiction treatment facilities are pricey and exclusive, there are many less expensive alternatives that provide programs that are just as effective. Residential rehab usually costs more than outpatient treatment, but you should get the treatment you need, not what saves you the most money.

Help Paying for Rehab: Where to Look?

Your health insurance carrier may cover some or all of the cost, so look into your policy first. This includes private insurance and low-cost plans. The treatment facility you choose can do anĀ insurance verification before rehab admissions and advise you of what’s covered. In addition, some facilities offer financing, so be sure to ask.

Another option includes federal or state funded programs or grants. You’ll have to meet certain qualification requirements, and there may be a waiting list. In many cases, you’ll still be able to get some support while you wait to enter the program.

If you have savings set aside, you may want to use some of it toward rehab costs. Taking out a personal loan is another way to pay for treatment. Consider it an investment into your future and your health.

You can also ask friends and family to donate toward your treatment costs. They can send funds directly to your treatment center so that they know where the money is going.

Not-for-Profit Rehab Is an Option

Quality addiction treatment should be available for everyone with help paying for rehab. Just because a facility is expensive doesn’t mean treatment is more effective. Clients may be paying for extras such as laundry service or the location.

Non-profit rehabs are another affordable option. You may have to exchange some work hours for housing costs and treatment. But this is another way to get low-cost (or even free) help for overcoming the very serious problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

No one should put off treatment due to cost. When you consider the various ways to pay for rehab, you’ll see that it’s entirely possible to get the help you need.

Quality Addiction Treatment at Beacon House

Beacon House is a not-for-profit rehab facility affiliated with Gateway Foundation. We have over 60 years of experience in addiction treatment. Our skilled professionals understand the importance of providing each client with personalized care.

For example, the programs we offer include:

If you need help paying for rehab, contact the friendly team at Beacon House. We can provide you with effective options that lead to lasting recovery. Reach out to us today at 1 (831) 372-4366 to learn more.