God as a higher power

When I was new to recovery I did not have a Higher Power. Folks kept talking about this Higher Power as “GOD.” I did not believe in “GOD,” but there were many acronyms that I heard floating around the rooms that I could use as a “GOD” substitution:

Group Of Drunks

Good Orderly Direction

Gift of Desperation

Grow or Die

Getting off Drugs

Great Out Doors!

Now Great Outdoors is one I could relate to!!!!  This is where I found my higher power and eventually I “Came to Believe”.

God as a higher power.

The Great Outdoors is where I still find my “Higher Power” as well as in and all around me….

God as a higher power

“For deep down in every man, woman, and child, is the fundamental idea of God.”  Big Book p. 55

When was the last time you read ‘We Agnostics” in the Big Book?  It had been quite some time for me….  What a life-changing chapter…  And life-saving.

God as a higher power

God As A Higher Power in Recovery

Beacon House in Pacific Grove, California understands how important spirituality can be in treatment. However, we also recognize the need for effective therapeutic intervention. These programs can compliment your spirituality and help you move forward in recovery.

It’s important for many people to have God as a higher power during their rehabilitation. You can use this inner strength to bring about real change in your life. Moreover, your beliefs can give you the confidence to fight your addiction head-on. Along with our therapies and treatment, you will have the resources you deserve to find and maintain sobriety in your life. For example, we offer programs with therapies such as:

  • Individual therapy and group sessions
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Nutrition education and physical therapy

God as a higher power in recovery can help you spiritually during rehab. With our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in California, you can overcome addiction and mental illness in your life. For more information, contact us today at 1 (831) 372-4366.