Ears Open, Mouth Shut

Why is it that I think that have the answer almost all of the time?

Sometimes these voices go through my head that tell me that I know what I am doing and I should tell everyone around me about that fact. With over five years of life without mind altering substances in my body I feel that I have graduated to this higher plane of recovery existence.

I have always played sports throughout my life. There were different team sports like baseball, hockey and lacrosse…. And then there were the individual sports like golf, tennis and rock climbing. I spent time coaching others also and there was something that I would always empress on my players. It was something that I was proud that I had… That was the ability to stay teachable.

This was was the ability to stay open to comments and suggestions from others. Usually these were people that had more experience in the ability that I was pro suing. These were the people who had been there before and they were giving that experience to me for little or no cost.

My reaction and attitude to that free advice was just as important as the advice itself. If I was not open to take the feedback it was pretty much worthless…. A complete waste of time for both parties.

Lesson for today…. Sometimes I just need to have my ears open… And my eyes shut. Employ my active listening skills to take in what I can from others…. And not offer the judgement that my brain is telling me to.

What made me think about all of this today you might ask…?

I was reading the “Just for Today” meditation for today… It was all about employing active listening. Check out this excerpt….

“What is active listening for us? In meetings, it means we concentrate on what the speaker is sharing, while the speaker is sharing. We set aside our own thoughts and opinions until the meeting is over. That’s when we sort through what we’ve heard to decide which ideas we want to use and which we want to explore further.”

Sometimes I just need to listen….. And remain teachable.

How do you use you active listening skills? What does being teachable mean to you?

Active Listening in Rehab

When you enter rehab, it’s important to be a sponge when it comes to addiction education and therapy. Take everything in and learn as much as you can. For example, Beacon House Addiction Therapy Services will give you the chance to learn more about yourself and your addiction. For more information, contact our staff today at 1 (831) 372-4366 .