What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

A co-occuring disorder is what it sounds like: a disorder that’s present at the same time as another disorder. In this context, it refers to a mental illness is present at the same time as an addiction. There was a time when drug or alcohol addiction treatment was separate from mental illness treatment. A person with an addiction and co-occurring mental disorder received treatment at different facilities. No consideration was given for treating co-occurring disorders.

This approach left many people suffering from serious psychiatric conditions without proper care for substance use, and vice-versa.

Integrating treatment for both addiction and mental health conditions is critical. Treating all disorders simultaneously maximizes a person’s chance for making a full recovery.

The Importance of Integrating Care for Co-Occurring DisordersWhat are co-occurring disorders?

Successful treatment of both conditions requires integrating recovery and mental health services. Not addressing the addiction and mental illness weakens positive outcomes.

The person with schizophrenia getting treated for an addiction will likely drop out early. They may also relapse into substance use and experience an increase in psychiatric symptoms. Combining treatment strategies helps to lower relapse rates by addressing mental health and addiction issues at the same time.

Approaches to Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Each person’s experience with addiction and mental illness is different. One person might start experimenting with drugs or alcohol in their teen years. Soon after, they may develop an addiction. They may also develop a mental illness that’s either related to their substance use, or inedpendent from it.

Another person might have an undiagnosed mental health condition. They may begin using drugs or drinking alcohol to alleviate symptoms they don’t udnerstand. In either scenario, the person in question needs an integrated treatment plan.

Finding the Right Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

An integrated treatment program is most effective when all services are at the same facility. It takes a team of experts that treat both mental health and substance abuse to deliver the best care.

Typically, the treatment facility with services for both conditions helps the person transition through each level of care. This helps identify any setbacks to make necessary adjustments.

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