Best Residential Addiction Treatment Programs in California

You’re ready to enter rehab, but you don’t know which treatment center to choose.

There are thousands of facilities around the country, and picking the place to begin your recovery isn’t always an easy decision. If you’re on the west coast, you might be looking for the best residential addiction treatment programs in California. Getting treatment in the Golden State could be the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose Residential Treatment?

Residential, or inpatient, addiction treatment means you live at a facility 24/7. The length of the program differs for each patient. Some facilities offer 30 to 60 day stays, while others have longer programs. Your length of stay depends on your personal history and medical details.

Best Residential Addiction Treatment Programs in California.In a residential setting, you don’t have access to drugs and alcohol. You’re surrounded by supportive staff and other people going through recovery. The environment is safe and secure, where the whole focus is to help people overcome addiction.

For people with severe or long-term addiction issues, residential treatment is often the best option. With successful completion of an inpatient program, many clients can step down to outpatient or intensive outpatient care.

What the Best Residential Addiction Treatment Programs in California Offer

All rehabs aren’t created equally. The environment and amenities will differ from one place to the next. What matters most is that each client receives appropriate care that meets their needs. To that end, it’s vital that professionals have a full understanding of a client’s history and personal issues.

For example, the best residential addiction treatment programs do the following:

  • Get to the core issues of a person’s addiction
  • Give clients tools that help them deal with stress, triggers, and negative emotions
  • Provide overall personalized care
  • Make clients feel safe and secure
  • Provide addiction education

In addition, California is an ideal location for rehab. The moderate year-round climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean are attractive features.

Residents of the state can get help in a setting they’re comfortable and familiar with. Out-of-state clients can get the fresh start they so badly need in a pleasant locale.

Premier Addiction Treatment in Northern California

Are you looking for a quality inpatient addiction treatment center in Northern CA? Beacon House provides not-for-profit care as part of the Gateway Foundation family. Our experienced team treats the whole person and not only the symptoms of addiction.

You deserve the highest quality treatment we can offer. That’s why our team is continually learning and moving forward. This helps us provide the best possible treatment. Our addiction therapy services include:

One of the best residential addiction treatment programs in California is here in Pacific Grove: Beacon House. Our mission is helping people begin recovery that lasts a lifetime. Contact Beacon House today at 1 (831) 372-4366 to find out more.