Although it is hard to stop using heroin, quitting is possible. Typically, a heroin detox program reflects the timeline of withdrawal. This fast-acting drug quickly dissolves into the bloodstream. It can take five or seven days before all remains of heroin leave the body.

Detox takes longer for heavy abuse of heroin, with some people remaining in the program for 10 days. Withdrawal is extremely rough after a person stops using and should only occur in a medical rehab center.

Settings for a Heroin Detox ProgramWhat is a heroin detox program?

Comprehensive rehabilitation for heroin is an effective way to treat and support the person addicted to the drug. Treatment occurs in different types of settings on an inpatient and/or outpatient basis.

Detoxification begins the rehab process that is determined by the person’s amount of usage. The length of time that they have been addicted to heroin also factors into which program setting works best for their recovery.

Addiction therapy services continue after detox and include a combination of therapeutic interventions. A person’s treatment plan may have programs such as:

All programs and services target the person’s needs to help them change heroin-using behaviors. Their detox program selection also teaches them ways to avoid relapse.

Selecting a Heroin Detox Program

Individual needs determine whether a person chooses an inpatient or outpatient facility. Each treatment program has certain benefits for heroin addiction.

An inpatient program may work best for a person who needs at least 90 days of treatment. This program requires a time commitment that might seem difficult to make at first. However, the tenacious nature of heroin addiction makes this a critical choice.

The withdrawal period can be extremely uncomfortable. Inpatient treatment usually includes a medically supervised detox to keep the person as safe and comfortable as possible. A longer stay can improve the person’s chances of a successful outcome and long-term sobriety.

Treatment at an outpatient rehab facility varies in levels of intensity. This type of program may offer education, therapy, and psychiatric care. How often a person attends their treatment depends on their tailored treatment plan.

Duration of Treatment in a Heroin Detox Program

The duration of a heroin addiction treatment center in Northern California and surrounding areas varies per person. The appropriate length of time someone needs support for their addiction depends on many factors.

It usually takes about a week for heroin to clear from the body. A rapid detox program may last for only three days. The person is put under anesthesia and receives treatment that removes heroin from their body. They wake up no longer physically addicted to the drug.

Treatment continues after the heroin detox program and can last for 30 days. Other program lengths include 60 and 90-day treatment. Longer programs that provide additional support are also available. These usually apply to people who relapse or have co-occurring issues.

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