When you see your life clearly and know you need help from a benzo detox program, you open doors to a better future. But to take full advantage of the help a program provides, you should understand the process of benzo withdrawal and your health needs at this important time. Of course, detoxing at home is never a good idea. Benzos are among the most dangerous substances from which to go cold turkey.

About Benzodiazepine Abuse and AddictionBenzo Detox Program in Northern California

According to ABC News in 2007, Americans filled over 82 million prescriptions for benzodiazepines. Also called tranquilizers, these pills help treat anxiety, sleep problems, seizures and other conditions. They also help people going through alcohol or opioid detox in a medically managed benzo detox program.

The most popular benzos used in the U.S. today include:

  • Alprazolam, Xanax branding
  • Diazepam, Valium branding
  • Lorazepam, Ativan branding
  • Clonazepam, Klonopin branding

If you suffer addiction to benzos, you recognize these names. You also now understand why doctors only recommend short-term use of these drugs. After extended use, you develop tolerance and start taking more of your pills to feel the same effects. This sets off a chain of events that easily leads to addiction.

When you want recovery from benzo addiction and the better life waiting for you, your benzo detox center in Northern California is where you take your first steps into that recovery. Of course, beyond this program, you also need rehab treatment. In rehab you receive an individual therapy program, group therapy and other types of support to help you build lasting sobriety.

Taking Your First Steps Into Recovery through a Benzo Detox Program

After benzo addiction takes hold, you need help from a quality benzo detox program. This benzo detox center in Northern California provides the medical supervision and support you need to remain healthy through withdrawal and into sobriety. Without this help you risk a range of potential health risks, such as hallucinations, delirium, seizures and psychosis. If you also abused other drugs or alcohol with your benzos, you risk more health problems during withdrawal.

Rarely is benzo detox life threatening. But the process causes extreme discomfort if you do not have the medical support you need. In a licensed benzo detox center in Northern California, you gain medical supervision, helpful medications and other methods of managing your withdrawal effects. Beacon House provides this help and support in Pacific Grove, California.

Lasting Recovery Builds in Rehab Treatment

After completing your benzo detox treatment at Beacon House, you progress into your rehab program. As one location in Gateway Foundation addiction treatment centers throughout the U.S., California’s Beacon House provides therapies and other treatments you need for the life you want. For example, these programs include:

During and after your treatment at Beacon House, you gain the advantage and support of a strong recovery community. Millions of Americans live healthy lives in recovery, thanks to Gateway Foundation and this thriving community. Beacon House in Pacific Grove, California continues Gateway Foundation’s lengthy tradition of addiction treatment success.

Reading this information about a benzo detox program means you feel ready for a better life, one beyond your benzo addiction. So take advantage of the help available to you at Beacon House. Call Beacon House now at 831.372.4366 to learn more about available programs.