You have a wealth of rehab options, so how do you choose the right one for you? It’s important to select a treatment center that offers the most appropriate therapeutic services for men and women. Sometimes, gender-specific facilities or programs help. Is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for women best for you? See which benefits you can expect from rehab for women in California. At Beacon House, we offer programs for both men and women to help them overcome addiction and substance abuse in their lives.

Why Do Women Put Off Addiction Treatment?Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for Women in CA. Learn more about rehab for women.

It’s not easy admitting that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol. For women, especially, it can be difficult getting the help you need.

Many women struggle with feeling less than perfect. They may work hard to make it appear that they have it all together, but inside, they feel insecure and uncertain. To admit they have an addiction is to admit they’re not leading the perfect lives they want everyone to believe. They may simply be too embarrassed to get help.

Other women are so busy being the strong, supportive person in their families that they feel they have no one to rely on when they need support. Those who have children or older relatives to care for may be reluctant to enter a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for women because they worry over who will act as a caregiver if they’re not around.

Still, others are in codependent relationships that make it difficult for them to realize the extent of the problem.

Benefits of a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for women

Gender-specific rehab has its benefits, and different facilities provide various options.

Some treatment centers are for men or women only. However, Beacon House offers effective treatments for both men and women. We provide separate housing for men and women and provide gender-specific therapy sessions.

For example, rehab for women offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • A distraction-free environment: When men aren’t in the room or in the facility, women may find it easier to fully focus on their recovery.
  • Unique support: Women, especially those who don’t get the necessary support at home, will find support from other women who fully understand their unique issues and struggles.
  • The freedom to talk: It can be hard to discuss certain topics, including sexual trauma and eating disorders, in front of men. A women-only environment often makes women feel more comfortable and willing to open up.
  • A feeling of safety and nurturing: Whether a woman comes from a codependent environment or she doesn’t feel safe around men, being in the presence of other women can give her a sense of safety.
  • Strong connections: Women can form strong bonds with their peers in recovery, particularly since they feel like other women understand them.

If you’ve put off a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for women, don’t waste another day. You have rehab options, including programs that meet men’s and women’s unique needs.

Decades of Experience in Rehab for Women

Beacon House in Pacific Grove, California provides premier addiction treatment for men and women. Our not-for-profit center accepts insurance, and we offer financing. The compassionate team at our facility does more than treat the symptoms of addiction—we treat the whole person.

Our treatment programs include:

With over six decades of experience, we understand the importance of treating each client’s core issues along with his or her addiction.

Do you need a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for women or men? Reach out to us today at 831.372.4366. We’ll help you create a strong foundation for lasting recovery through rehab for women.