The Alumni Support Program at Beacon House is a great opportunity for individuals who’ve completed one of our addiction treatment programs. In fact, recovery is a lifelong process that requires a commitment to the journey ahead in sobriety.

With that in mind, it’s important to remain active in the recovery community well after you leave our facility. Therefore, our Alumni Support Program provides the perfect setting to do just that.

What is an Alumni Support Program?

The Alumni Program at Beacon House will give you access to group meetings, events, and weekly sessions to learn and connect with peers in recovery. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to discuss how your week went, what struggles you are currently facing in sobriety, and any other concerns you may have.

In some cases, it’s important to return to treatment or attend additional therapy sessions. For example, the therapies we offer include:

In Family Therapy, your loved ones can learn more about your addiction struggles and the process of recovery you now face. Furthermore, they can become a valuable support network for you. This is an important time for both you and your family. At Beacon House, we understand your need for support throughout this journey. Our Alumni Support Program will be there to help you overcome the challenges you may face in recovery well after you leave our facility.

Learn More About Our Alumni Program Today

Once you complete treatment, continue being active in recovery with our Alumni Program at your disposal. Work with others in recovery and make your transition back to daily life much easier.

In addition, once you spend time in our Alumni Support Program, you can begin to help others who are currently in treatment. For more information, contact us today at 866.416.3873.

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We always enjoy hearing from our Beacon House Alumni through our Alumni Support Program. If you are interested in sharing your story of recovery for an upcoming newsletter edition, please send to All entries will be treated as anonymous, unless otherwise noted by author.

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