Aftercare addiction treatment program. What is an aftercare program?An Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program is offered to our Beacon House clients that complete our program, one evening a week for one year. These hour and a half meetings allow each client time to check-in about their previous week; including any challenges they may have had and/or any coming up the next week. We focus on meetings attended that week, sponsor contacts and steps. Moreover, we also look at any possible relapse signs regarding complacency, resentments, and isolation/detachment, with the goal of identifying any signs of relapse, in turn stopping the relapse process. The Aftercare Program is a great way to remain active in recovery after treatment.

What is an Aftercare Program?

Once you complete rehab, it’s important to continue your recovery at home. However, this can be difficult without the proper support. Through an Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program, you can attend meetings and events to talk about your experiences with peers in recovery.

As an alumni of Beacon House, it’s important to regularly check-in and mark your progress. We understand the triggers and stressors that exist in daily life. Moreover, work, relationships, and your environment can also lead to relapse in some cases.

With our Aftercare Program, you can continue to learn about addiction and receive training for your new life in sobriety. Finishing rehab doesn’t mean your journey is over. In fact, it’s just beginning. Our staff will be here to assist you at all times.

Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program at Beacon House

Our Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program is available to those who complete one of our proven rehab programs. For example, we offer services such as:

Once you graduate from rehab, our Aftercare Program will serve as a guide during this transition back home. For more information about our Aftercare Addiction Treatment Program, contact us today at 866.416.3873.