Trauma Therapy Program at Beacon House.Our Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) clinicians use experiential techniques to engage clients in dual attention: having clients focus on a negative mental image, belief, feeling, or bodily sensation associated with trauma while also attending to some sort of additional stimulus. The additional stimulus is provided by the therapist or the participant is taught to create one. The purpose of our Trauma Therapy Program is to establish a neutral experience so that the trauma can be experienced with less distress and successfully reprocessed.

Trauma Therapy Program Benefits

When you enter our Trauma Therapy Program, you will learn how to develop positive reactions to past trauma. In fact, these experiences can be overwhelming and lead to substance abuse in many people’s lives. With proper therapy, you can learn new ways to cope with these experiences through training and counseling. Therefore, when you return home, you won’t feel the need to abuse drugs or alcohol when the trauma arises.

However, a Trauma Therapy Program also involves a combination of other therapies for successful recovery. Just treating the trauma, and not the addiction, isn’t going to provide a full recovery. As a result, you are more likely to relapse if the addiction isn’t receiving proper treatment.

For example, our therapies include:

A combination of therapies will be in place to ensure your safety, comfort, addiction education, and success in rehab. Furthermore, you will learn coping skills and relapse prevention techniques.

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Our staff has the training, experience, and passion to guide you to overall wellness and sobriety. With our Trauma Therapy Program, you will learn how to handle these past experiences in a new, productive way. For more information, contact Beacon HouseSM at 866.416.3873.